Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August- The Skin Food & Etude House HAUL

Yaaay~♥,The packet from my lovely beauty shop is finally arrived~ Actually the sender was come to my house yesterday but no one was home~ so he kindly resend this today ♥ check check check~
This assemble coming up just now ♥~
 My friend partake this too~ hehe but actually this month is full of Etude House and The Skin Food ♥.
What was coming up today from The Skin Food is:
- Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in black-brown
- Sweet Almond Eyeliner in brown
- Salmon dark circle concealer
From Etude House:
- Two-Magic tint balm
- Peach water gloss

So, early August I've got some package too... Here they are♥

 I've already reviewing some of them in my post =D So, if you want me to review any of product above just ask me, I'll be reviewing them in a week or so so ~♥
Quick posting, my dad will pick me up to see a doctor in a minute =D. I got irritation in my left cheek,TT___TT *sob Hope it will be allright. See ya soon~

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