Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carrot Facial Mask

Got problem with oily skin? Okaaay, then you don't need to be worry anymore =D you can try this mask. It's a good source of nutrient and vitamin for skin.Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, follacin, potassium, and Beta-carotene. As there is no limited way to make your own mask, you can try mixing it with honey, olive oil, lemon, aloe vera, or any natural substance that suits your skin.

Addidional : What is your skin type?
♥ Oily: add a few drops of lemon juice
♥ Dry: olive oil or honey will moisturize your skin
♥ Sensitive: Aloe vera soothing effect will suits you best!
♥ Acne prone: try honey and you will love it! it's antibacterial and diminish acne

- one or two carrot
- additional substance that suits your skin (choose from above)
- Juicer
- Sieve, a spoon, a glass, and a bowl.

Now I'll tell you step by step of making carrot facial mask. You may find people usually cook the carrot first to make it tender. But I don't really like it since cooking the carrot may omit its nutrient content. I'm start with juice the carrot first and there is a bonus at end of the making process ~♥
1. Peel the carrot, put in the juicer. add half glass of water and juice it.
2. Pour juice over the sieve and you will get a carrort pulp like in my first picture.
3. Mash it with spoon until all the juice out of carrots. You can put the water juice in a glass.
4. Now put the pulp in a bowl and add your favorite additional substance. Mix it well.
5. You can start appyling the pulp on your face 
don't forget to put the separated juice in a refrigerator and add sweetener ^^~

Wait for 10-15 minutes then rinse well with water. You can use a toner and moisturizer afterwards.
Now you can enjoy your fresh skin +  a glass of healthy carrot juice♥

Happy trying dear readers =D

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