Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cherry Pink Bioglo

Cherry pink bioglo - ingredients

Cherry Pink Lip Cream (10gr)
-Cointains natural cherry blossom extract to effectively brigthen and lighten dull, discoloured lips. Provides a natural, pinkish colour to lips with continuous use. May also be used on nipples-

I've been using this for  six months now, and I could say that this is one of my best of the best beauty find ever!
I use this cream daily, twice or more per day. And I don't need any tint or lip colouring things all whole day. My lips look super healthy after I applied this cream.

- It gives you super natural color, like you don't wear anything. 1 layer gives you super nude and healthy look lips. 2 layers gives you enough nice color in place of your lipstick.
- It doesn't feel greasy on your lips like just all lipbalm would. It just like you wear nothing!
- Repair chapped lips and lighten discoloured lips with continuous use. It will not be a great change. But it does help me to slightly lighten my lip color and make it more pinkish.
- It contains natural Cherry Blossom (sakura flower or prunus yedoensis) extract, and other natural extract like jojoba, shea butter, squalane, and beeswax.
- The pinkish (I feel it more like peachy pink) stays on your lips whole day.
- Help to diminish crease on your lips.

- a bit hard to squeeze out the cream when it half empty.

Does it brighten my lips and make it pinker permanently?
I didn't notice any huge difference. My pink has become slightly pinker than it used to be, yes permanently, with continuous use I assume.

This cream can also be used on nipples but It seems somekind awkward to put on something to nipples so I'll use it as a lipbalm-only-

Overall Rating: 4/5
it's a nice lip cream, a bit tint like~ and I'll repurchase after finished my first tube

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