Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Kitty Mini Figure

Bunny style, Hanbok, Furisode, Bunny style again^^
Upper: Hello Kitty (bunny). Lower: Hanbok and furisode

Asa asa~ I'm back ♪(*’-^)-☆
it's been a while since I post randomness about cutie stuff... so I think it would be great to share something kawaii and small again =D
actually I've been collecting Hello Kitty mini figures since I was in primary school, but I never ever... found this series again untill now (college), OMG~ I've been so longing (^ε^)♪ I'll just post the newest!

so when me and my BF came along to a cutie store near his house, I was totally delighted knowing that they sell HK mini figures. Actually I was planning to buy the entire stock but my allowance just being uncooperative (T▽T) and ended up just buying 4 of them. *Later I'll be back and bought them all!*

The biggest one is HK wearing furisode (long sleeves Japanese kimono) in pink, and her ribbon is replaced by beautiful kanzashi (Japanese hair pin). The other traditional clothing is HK in yellow-pink Korean Hanbok.The rest two is just ordinary HK in bunny costumes. I'm loving the small pinky bunny HK most
(´ω`人) it's just way too cute~~~ *faint
Yep, and which one is the cutest in your opinion? just tell me okay?

I will reviewing some of my fave beauty cosme in my next post =D stay cute and lovely~
This series is original from SANRIO, Japan.
Size: vary from 2-3 cm

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