Sunday, August 29, 2010

Neese ニーズ - Lip and Eyeshadow Cream

Hi there sweeties~ I'll be reviewing Neese Lip and Eyeshadow Cream, my first mini eyeshadow palette ever. (I got this from my friend in Japan back then (≧∇≦)/ for around 600 )
Actually I've never heard about this "Neese" brand before, or maybe this one is just sold in Japan only or whatsoever, I've never been there and as long as my trawl up around cosme *hwajangpum stores here, I've never seen any Neese brand too, does anyone know about this brand?

It comes with cute transparent plastic pouch with pullable cord fastener. And *oh my~~ I can't help myself handling this! 100% kawaii~ I'm loving the bulky-egg shaped-like packaging, so simple but cute.
got three container inside, white, purplish silver, and brown.

Time for swatch~
Purplish silver, Brown, White
It's creamy, got a bit thick consistency but quite easy to blend well with skin. Altough it is said to be eyeshadow and lip stain, it turns out to be full eyeshadow cream  for me. I couldn't imagine myself using this range of color as a lip stain ( ̄□ ̄; )

Used as eyeglow liner
What I love most is the shimmery things ^^, the purplish and whitey palettes are just perfect to be used as eye glow liner. It gives subtle pearl glossy glow, thanks to the shimmer and thick consistency <3
looks like Etude House eyeglow pencil, eh? 
Absolutely love this product, Does anyone know where can I find another Neese cosme products? I've been googling but couldn't find even a single clue! how annoying =(

Okay that would be all for now,
and my love rating is: 5 out of five~ ♥♥♥♥♥ absolutely loves the product!

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