Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nivea Lips Care Balm Natural Pink UV Protection

The result is well cared, desirable and glamorous lips!

Product Feature
- Gives lips dazzling brilliance thanks to ultra shine pigments in a pink shade
- Cares lips long lastingly without being sticky
- Delights your senses with the tasty fragrance of juicy fruits blend

Net Weight : 2.4g

Brand : Nivea

To use : Apply daily on your lips as you need.

Contains Natural Ingredient:
- Pure jojoba oil essence and shea butter
- UV Protection

I bought this at the same time I bought my Cherry Pink. So at first I totally forgot this Nivea Lip care natural pink. I use it once and the next day I ignored and neglected it in my cosme purse. This lip care comes with UV protection SPF 15, which is good since I don't have any lip care with uv protection before.

-Easy to use
-Smeels nice, like a cherry
-Cheap, I bought this around IDR25-30
-Hydrated my lips very well while gives sheer shade of pinkish tone

-it is said not sticky, but it does a lil bit sticky on my lips
-the shine is somewhat too much. this balm got something shimmer-like thing.
-The pinkish shade is not that natural (compared to cherry pink) and the stay power is just so-so

I don't really think of repurchase this thing. at least not with this color again because I always tend to buy a new one with a shade that I never used before^^~

Overall rating, I give 3 out of 5 for this product =D

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