Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: La Tulipe Acne Loose Powder-Natural shade

And here is the ingredients and product description written on the side of packaging:

Well, I got a skincare routine from my beauty care clinic and my dermatologist warn me not to wear any kind of compact powder, so for almost ten years! I've never been using anykind of powder on my face. but loose powder is not strictly forbidden ( even though I am NOT reccomended to use any powder), so I think it's okay for me to use this. I got interested with loose powder only for oil control purpose, nothing else. and after I tried it, it really works! =D I started to love loose powder. It comes with a handy powder puff. Use time is only when I have to go somewhere after appyling bb cream.

Actually I chose this because this is the series for acne prone skin. I'm afraid that common loose powder will give me breakouts. Looking at the ingredients assure me that this one will suits me (Salicylic acid, sulfur, Terpinen)

Here is the shade:

It blends soooooo nicely with my skin. you can't even tell where the skin area got powdered, can you? xD~ and it looks natural on my face.

Netto: 25 gram, so plentiful. I can use this for more than a year I think.
Oil control: very good! I don't have any problem with oil now =D
Cons: fragranced! well I didn't notice that this powder is fragranced untill I peek the ingredients.
Repurchase: maybe. let's see whether I'll find better replacement for this

Oil control:Photobucket

Okay, that would be it ^^/

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