Friday, September 10, 2010

FAKE The Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream

Oh wow~ 100 follower...I didn't expect there would be so many follower for my new blog (a hundred is 'many' for me, hehe~ moved here early August). But thanks to you all (*´▽`*)~ I love you

And now, I'll reviewing Aloe Sun BB cream again. Again? yep! because I just bought a F-A-K-E one of this BB cream *sob. This fake one is my second aloe bb cream that I bought from my forum pals, she sold it to me because she already clinged with other bb cream that suits her better. So when I knew the price is much cheaper, I decided to buy it.

Click here and take a peek to my: REVIEW: Original Skinfood Aloe BB Cream.

When it came, I was having a suspicious feeling in mind because the packaging is a little bit puffed-up and bloated. I wouldn't surprised if this one is a fake because there are a lot of  fake BB cream out there like skin79, Etude BB, Skin Love, BRTC...but, oh gosh...when I opened up the tube I was really sure that it is a fake. The concistency of the cream and the fragrance! it's all different! I smelled it again and again, compared to my original Aloe bb cream. It's totally different.
So let's just see the packaging:

All same, except the puffed-up packaging. Fonts, logo, gold printing on frontside are all very similar to original one. But what is inside, the cream... is totally different.

I was too curious and did some oil-test on a oil blotter film. And the result surprised me out! It's so SCARY.
The gingko is original, it was just for oil comparison to original Aloe bb cream.
Well, just see it yourself:

5 hours on oil sheet- look how OILY the fake is
The original Aloe BB cream got a very little oil. And the fake one got a LOT of absorbed oil ~___~

This oil-test really assured me that what I bought is a fake one ・°・(*ノД`*)・°・  . It's okay then... It wasn't my friend fault too. She said she bought it from EBay and when it came to my post it was still sealed.
The best way to find out whether is a fake is to do some oil-test. So make sure that all cosmetics products you bought is original (*°∀°)=3

Do you have any experience with fake products too?

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