Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kawaii Bunny keychain and Panda Fan

I hadn't been reviewing any beauty products for awhile (´;ω;`) sorry sorry~  because I've been really busy this week. I was having a lot of work to be done before Saturday, and felt dreadful tired because I was work on my paper (chapter I-III, total 52pages... and will be doubled for chapter IV. kyaaaaa\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ ) for only threeee days, OMG... totally exhausted. First preview for my paper will be held this Saturday, and I wish I'll be ready for it.haha~(=´∇`=)

Buuuut~ All those exhausting things couldn't makes me upset! because I've got a suuuper cute recent buy. A super cute stuffed items♥. Just because I'm loving Bunny and Panda so very much!
Their face looked like this >>> (●´    `●) nyahaha~
well, this lovely bunny keychain is just super irresistible! Height: 8cm and the color varian is likely 12-15 in color and pattern. But I adopted the creme and black bunny keychain as my mate ^^, Here are the their pic:

They've been always slept with me all night (´ω`人) , and went with me wherever I go♥. I looove them so much, but I still haven't find a cute name for them, can you suggest me several cute names for them? hehe~
Oh, I named all of my stuffed toys, though, this one is a keychain, but I didn't use them as a keychain. They're so cute and fluffy... I can't help myself to touch their super soft lint fabric everytime~

Oh, and I got this one too on the other day, from the different shop.
Her name is Noro, 8 cm stuffed bunny keychain too. Has a scary and punk-gothic face. But she is totally cute, she's always be one of my favorite stuffed keychain ever ♥

And oh~, although I've been really bussy, my friend ask me to trawl-up hwajangpum stores, and I was really happy to shop at THE FACE SHOP, ETUDE HOUSE, SKIN FOOD, and MISSHA, kyaaa~ I bought several items too...
Lastly, I bought this weird faced panda fan:

I was laughing because of his funny face and 'funny' teeth. lol~ but he is cute! and he is a panda, so I bought it! nyahaha~ I bought almost every pandas-bunnies item that I saw in a store  ^o^
Well, that's all for now. I'm so dread sleepy and bubbye everyone =D

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