Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review & Comparison: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

As I've promised, I'll happily reviewing some of my last month haul, a super cute lip tint ever, welcome~~~ Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in (#3 peach) and (#2 pink) shade ♥ 
Netto: 9.5g
Price: 6 ₩ (vary for $ 5-7)

outer packaging and ingredients, left click to enlarge:

At first I was fully in love with the pink shade, but my friend told me that peach will be much more natural on lips. So I managed to buy it and get my own verdict. However, the results may vary depend on your bare lip color. As for me~ the pink shade gives me more natural look than the peach is.

Let's see swatches x3
Upper: bare lips.   Middle: FCT Peach.   Lower:  FCT Pink.

I was suprised when find out that the pink actually gives more natural shades on my lips. Because there are so many review said that FCT pink is sucks, too pale, and too HOT, or whatever~__~ but actually it is not that bad. Since I really hate my bare lips because it's so pigmented on the edge and it's too pale. Makes me look sick all the time TT_TT But both shades are SO CUTE, and I really love them =D

What I love:
❀ a bit creamy at first but gets more watery and runny when applied.
❀ delicious fragrance
❀ loves the perfect shade, both are really cute but still so natural
❀ staying power is LONG LASTING♥. Still leave a trace even after I've washed my skin with water. and most likely stay on my lip for 5-6 hours without reapply.
❀ Oh, and FCT series got a lovely MILKY color which is so adorable! >w< unlike any usual tint which is so transparent red, I'm get bored with those~

❀ It doesn't moisturize your lips, and sometimes settled in your chapped lips ~yikes >-< so before I put this on I've always moisture my lips first!

Anyway, This is a reaaally good lip tint and worth to try =D
Total LOVE RATING: Photobucket
Totally in love with this tint! Tell me what color you would prefer to try on^^

UPDATE (16-10-2011)
I still love this lip tint, and the peach one is still 'one of' my Holy Grail~ yoohooo... and so, I've been learning to take a good swatch photo now, so here's the with a new swatch. ETUDE HOUSE FRESH CHERRY TINT SWATCH in PEACH and PINK!  Clear, big, and vivid :D

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