Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Etude House Peach Water Gloss

While waiting for luch, I'd better reviewing some of Etude House produtcs again~ now it's a time for glossy lips (^ε^)♪ Peach water gloss in shade 4 Apricot arrived on the post together with my August haul. And, because I was being too busy to blog, now I'm gonna fed u up with a lot lot lot of Peach Water Gloss pics, Enjoy~♪

Product Description:
♪ Peach Water Gloss coats your lips for a light, moist and smooth sensation.
♪ Moisturizing gloss supplies color and volume to lips with a moist, smooth sensation.
♪ Jelly Polymer’s smooth texture supplies moisture and color coating to lips without hassle.
♪ Supplies glossy, wet look to lips with specially formulated hydro coating.
♪ Heart-shaped applicator adds glossy volume to lips.

Let's just take a closer look, the packaging is always the cutest it can be ♪(*’-^)-☆:
Peach water gloss - cute packaging
Product description
Etude House claimed that the heart shaped tip applicator is designed to add more glossy and plumper volumes on lips. The tip is a bit wider than ordinary glosses's tip, it's also felt so soft and smooth.

Now is time for swatches ♪
m(._.)m forgive me for not snapping a photo swatch of my lips, I posted some of Etude House's before after photo instead for -on the lips- swatches (it's in strawberry milk). Swatches on my hand is in shade 4 Apricot.
with flash

without flash-natural light. pretty pinkish shade issit?
Etude pic-Peach water gloss in strawberry milk

And, eeeeek~ looking at all swatches makes me really want to collect all of them. It comes in 5 color varian, I'm gonna buy peach milk for sure ^^ it has a cute peachy pink shade that I've been wanting for a gloss. Although I'm not really into fragranced make-up, but peach water gloss has a really cute -cotton candy- like smells~  omg, it's just too sweet that I want to eat it!

So what is your favorite glosses?
well, I'm going to have my luch now, and go to doctor (again). I got an infection on my right thumbs and it's so damn huuuurts・°・(*ノД`*)・°・ ~ I got an experience, always treat your wound, no matter how small it is!
okay, see you later and stay health, bubbye~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

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