Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Maybelline BLUSH STUDIO Mousse~Peach Satin

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This is the second blush I've ever bought by myself. My friend told me that this mousse blush is great anyway and when I was spreeing around lookin' for some stuff at my fave beauty store (the cheapest among all shop), I found this^^ at first I'd like to choose the PINK FROSTING shade, much pinker than this. But my friend told me that this one could be better because the peach things would be so sheer and natural, and she is right. Since the glass jar was sealed. I couldn't try on the shade in order to get my own verdict. So I spent $7.00,- for this stuff^^~ and I'm not regreting that.

Although that I'm not really into a blush. Pale and nude cheeks are just great for me. I've been rarely use this too. Only sometime, when I think everything is too pale...but I'm kinda lazy to put this on my cheeck because the jar ~____~ My hand must be extra clean before I touch this nor this jarred blush would be contaminated

If you look for a very obvious blush, this won't match you. but I love the way it produces sheer color. you can easily adjust of how much the color would be noticeable, the more you smudge it the more it'll blend with the skin tone and gives soft and luminous color. Let's just see lovely swatches =D is the reason why I loved this blush so much:
♥ The peachy color is so cute and I'm totally loving it.
♥ Sheer color, with super fine shimmering thingie. If you nudge and smudge this over and over again on your cheek it will just blend well with the skin tone. Producing nice and super natural healthy blushing cheek.
♥ The mousse thingie. it's super soft and silky smooth if applied to skin.
♥ Doesn't give me breakouts or something like that

-Come with a glass jarred packaging, which is not very hygienic.
-Staying power is weak since it a mousse, a lot of friction on skin could sallowed the color.
-it's perfumed, I believe that perfume is 'not that good' to my sensitive cheeks.

Overall ratings~I'd like to give 4 out of 5 starts for this <3
Repurchase? maybe...but I've been wanting to try new blushes if this one run out. cute packaged blush from Etude House maybe xD

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