Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Webcam: Logitech QuickCam Connect

Hello sweeties~
I bought this webcam months ago but rarely using it now TT^TT though, my purpose is to communicate with my -long distance- friend. This is a good and cheap personal webcam to be used.

Product Details:
Web Camera Type: Personal Web Camera
Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480
Image Quality: 1.3 MP
Interface Type: USB 
Image Sensor Type: CMOS

Logitech becomes my fave brand for all desktop hardware, though, my desktop PC's hardware is not all Logitech (My monitor is BenQ, IBM mouse, and Simbadda subwoofer speaker). So for a webcam I wasn't being torn to other brand. And lucky me, I bought this one during Logitech promo~ for around $14.00 in USD. Which is super cheap~ gyaaa~ <3

So here's some selcas of me~ I captured my funny dorky face selcas! Nyahahaha~

Buuut, what I hate about the webcam is the NOISE, just look at pic below, it got noises even during daytime, and the noise just getting worser at night, whereas I got two big lamp in my bedroom already =(
look how annoying the noise is >.<
But, however...the noise is still acceptable. It comes with a quickcam program too, which gives a lot of templates and style to make your cam funnier, and even scarier! So since this is my first webcam, I can't really say if it to be compared with another brands. I'm liking this webcam so much! and totally recommended for those who want a cheap but nice webcam^^~

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