Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anniversary Day & Recent Activities

kyaaaaa... Campuss stuff is KILLING me >_____<
But I don't feel like, I want to work on it. But deadline is on the corner... (27 Oct) and I should have finished my artwork, 5 fullcolored illustration on A3 paper (A3 x 5 = DEAD!) (lll´Д`) But I've only finished the sketch! omg...

so Boring! >_<

Well, forget it. I'll work on it like crazy later. tonight!
So, Instead of working on my artwork... I was having so much fun. Gyahahah~♡
First, Celebrate 3yrs anniversary with my boyfriend at Japanese restaurant "sushi tei"
Cuz I'm really2 a sushi and ramen lover! hohoho...

I ordered one bowl of shouyu ramen and 24 rolls of salmon maki. And still hungry after eat all those =D~

Oh,  my super lovely BF just made a song (again) too! special for me xD~ to celebrate our 3yrs anniversary, tittled "PARTE DELLA VITA" But he hasn't been able to upload it to youtube so I couldn't share it to you all (ノ_<。) 三  How sad...
He gave me super cute and fluffy doll I've always been wanting!!! ♥♥♥
I named him "PUFFY"~ Cute isn't he?

So, what are you guys doing to celebrate your anniversary?

And, the other day... I went to hanbok supplier with my Mom and my friend.
I decided to be a reseller =D
And will open my online shop for new and preowned Hanbok (imported from Korea) soon ( ゚▽゚)/
Tell me if you're interested. I'm still preparing the hanbok for photoshoot. And of course, the hanbok is all selected luxury items.

My friend-looking at red hanbok

It really so much fun to choose them!
And I was sooo tired too. Looking and choosing tons of hanbok.
I dressed up my mom and my friend to see
wheter it will be good ♥

So here they are, so lovely:
My mom in orange hanbok

My friend in pink hanbok
And so, after tiredly looking all of them. I decided to buy several new hanbok for store's sample hanbok.
Here it is, sorry my room is all messed up >___<

I bought 7 hanbok for sample. Will soon buy a lot of them, as soon as the supplier contact me^^

I'm still preparing my PAYPAL for Ebay.
So if you're interested you can contact me for further information about the item (=゜ω゜)ノ
All the hanbok I choose are in good condition and really super cute.

And I got 'my first ever' blog award from super kawaii ♥Penelope♥
please do visit her beautiful blog: Inspired by beauty
Thank you so muuuuch~♥

Okay...I'll work on my illustration for now!
be back with NYX product review next week^^ see ya~

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