Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Wear Hanbok 한복

Stupid pose with a hanbok~^^
Hi lovelies, Sorry that it took a while (≧▽≦)ゞ
I've promised you to post on tutorial how to put on a hanbok, and so, I decided to make a video since there's not much explanation about how to put on hanbok properly in a video format (even on youtube!)

This is my first ever experience to make on video tutorial, I'm really sorry that it's not a good vid (I knew it >.<) but I'm glad that I've done it my best (*°∀°)=3 I was getting so confused with movie maker at first. Here you can watch it if you want =D

I tried to put on the hanbok as fast as I can, lol. Slipped the chima really fast so when I'm swinging around the back side of chima was opened up and the underskirt was shown off >.< (please ignore it)
The first step is to put on sokbakji and sokchima, or a moojigi (underskirt) it's usually white in color.

 ♪ Put on chima (outer skirt)
Credit: www.dsjr.org
My chima type is called pull-chima, or back opened chima. Wear it with its both ends overlapping at the center of the back, and tie the strap at the front. You can attach norigae (accessories like hanged brooch) on the chima's straps.

 ♪ Put on jeogori (top)
After put on jeogori, fasten the inner button first. Then adjust the sleeves lines to remove wrinkle. Be sure the colar line and the seam line is not appearing at the backside. The sokjeoksam and the waistband of chima should not be visible under the hemline of jeogori.

 ♪Tie the Otgoreum (one loop ribbon)
The tricky part is to tie on otgoreum, one loop ribbon at the front. But once you done it, then all dressed up^^
Actually, I've made a tutorial vid how to tie an otgoreum. But I'm not sure...should I post it to blog?

 ♪ Tips for wearing Hanbok:
1. Modifications should be made considering basic structure and colors.
2. The chest should not be emphasized.
3. Underwear, including gojaengyi, sokchima and sokjeoksam, should be worn.
4. Jeogori should be stretched down a bit longer, and the outside collars and inner collars should be adjusted.
5. Choose appropriate accessories.
6. Wear beoseon and low-heeled shoes.
7. Be careful not to step on the clothes while going up or down stairs.
(tips credits to:www.han-style.com)

 Here's the full body pic of me wearing the hanbok (*^▽^*), and oh~ sorry that the pic is a bit blurred >.<

Well, that's all for hanbok things! next, should I posted some spam about Kimono? I got a beautiful red furisode and komon kimono from my auntie, and plus... she gave me a pair of cute simple yukata for summer. She's settled in Kyoto, Japan. And when she came here, I learnt a lot of japanese stuff and culture from her. If you want me to blogged about the furisode and how to wear the obi ( there's a lot of beautiful way to create a cute tied obi) Obi = wide belt.

Well. Thanks for watching and reading (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!

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