Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Artwork: Balinese Oil Painting & Watercolor Manga Style

I've been totally bussy. My campuss stuff is killing me >.<
and I think I got sick already =( *colapse

After finished my paper and printed it, it's 63pages x 3 for total 189 pages.... huuuuft.
But somehow I feel like I'm neglecting my luvly baby blog =(
So I'll be sharing about what had I done for my paper =D

I'm currently on my last BIG project in campuss~ ( >_<)
My project is making a fullcolored illustrated book for Wayang Calonarang (from Bali),
The book would be consist of character design, and traditional illustrated art made by me =)
And my visit to Bali back then really help me with my work, I got a beautiful traditional "PRADE" fabric too.

I love everything traditional <3

As for now, I've already painted oil painting art in 60cm x 40cm canvas with oil painting medium. Which will be used as main illustration for cover design.
And for other 12 illustration in A3, I'd likely used watercolor media.
(But oh 12!...I just finished only one TT^TT ) *sob
long way to go...

So here is my painting:
BARONG-60x40cm, Oil Painting

Some people may think that Barong is scary! 
and yeah his appearance is...haha, But after I finished painting it.
Somehow I got amazed with it. Barong looked way more graceful and beauty on its own <3 really~

I love oil color and water color media,
But my style now is more to naturalist and impressionist (remember Van Gogh's Starry Night?)

My old style is so Manga-ish~
take a look at this one, I made it when I was in high scholl (4years ago)
Cricket Gothica, 21x29.7cm, watercolor
She is my original female character named Cricket~
I was workin as an manga assistant for comic artist.
While he still in Incheon now.
I'm not working for him anymore, cuz I have to finished my study =P

That's all for now~ See you later...

P.S: for those who interested in my Hanbok online store please add me on facebook =D thank you~will open my shop 3 Nov, postponed due to my bussines~


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