Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: GEO CK -107 Circle Lenses

안녕하세요, 모두들, 잘 지내 시죠?
Well~ while having my Rosella red tea( ^-^)_旦~  I'll be reviewing my First Circle Lens ever~ it's from GEO Korea type CK 107. Still, I do have a lot of illustration work to be done, but oh~ no worries, I'll be working on it later =P, so lazy( ̄△ ̄;)~

Okay, since this is my first circle lens. I can't compared it with other brand or so. It comes with a free cute pinky pig lens case (σ・∀・)σ  yay~

About the product:
Its color is ABSOLUTE-solid black. Perfect for dolly eye effect just like those ullzang style =D
Have you seen those big and black ulzzang eyes? I swear I'm totally in love with those eye-look, it's so fricking cute. Although my eye color is dark brown, the edge of this circle lens is solid black, that's what I like most about this, it's really define my iris.

Contain 38% water and 62% phema, quite comfortable. Sometimes I just forgot that I'm wearing one of those..hahahas~ But in a room with air conditioner. I feel a bit uncomfortable, so I have to lubricates them with soft rub solution (I'm using "Europa" solution).

Enlarging effect:
Dimater is 14.00 mm ( I never dare to try out 14.8mm, some ppl said it's scary, but I'd like to buy one in14.8mm later) Since its color is solid black, it really adds on enlarging effect. Totally big and dolly~♡

Quite natural~ People would not notice that you're wearing circle lenses. Unless they see your eyes upclose~I think. When wearing this at the first time, my friend said there was something different with my eyes, and I looked good, but she can't really said what is different from me..hahahas~ she din't notice I'm wearing a circle lens  (*^▽^*)

And, because I'm loving it so much~ I'll post some Selcas spam with me wearing it =D Don't get bored with my selcas~ enjoy♥


for more information about Geo lenses you can check it out at:
Geo Medical: 971-25, Wolchul-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea.

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