Monday, October 18, 2010

Special Song For Me From My Boyfried & How Did I Met Him♥

Hi all~ I'm quite happy right now and feel like want to post up something about my life ^^
Friday, this week, would be my 3 years anniversary ♥ with my boyfriend. His name is (Loong) or I'd like to called him by Tony Tony Chopper (from one piece anime~hahaha)

I just remember the first time I met him, It was in my university.
He was joining an art gallery for graphic design student,
And when saw him at the first time, I got so 'waaah he's so bishie' (lengzhai)
and definitely my type~! hoho...

*Bishi is my slang refer to cute boy (pretty boy)

But I'm not that type of girl who easily hooked up with someone,
So I said to my friend whether she wan't to help my taking his pic
(Gosh, I got a bishie-kon disorder~I think)..hahaha
and my fren kindly *and shamelessly* asked him to take his pic

While I was hiding back staring at her!(Gyahahahah~)

So from that day ( my first semester in university), untill my third semester.
I was always run over and I'd never ever let him saw me.
Cuz I was afraid that he would think:
"Oh this is a girl who want my photograph!"
kyaaa~~ Big noooo~~~ >___<

And I soon realized that he's a singer and guitarist from a local band named HELLSING.
and he surely got TONS of girl fans >.<
Huuuh. So I think, Oh dear... I won't be able to introduce myself to him
Not to mention becoming his girlfriend. LOL...

I came to his band show most of a time.
and one of funny moment is:
when me and my friend came to his show...
We were standing above the ladder in front of the stage close to him.
and I said to my friend, "Zoom-in the lens please!" While pushing my friend forward, closer to the stage.
She stepped forward, and stepped again.
and I said, "Just a lil bit more, zoom! zoom!"
and she stepped forward again.

And something very funny happened!
My poor friend fell down from the ladder, and smashed the ground -hardly-
HAHAHAHA, I do want to help her!
But what I did is just laugh and laugh~ and so are my other friend.
so mean of us xD

But I said sorry to her, and she was laughing at herself too ^___^

And my ♥happiest moment♥ is: (Oh and it was really my shamefull moment too)
When I got message from him, said that he want to know about me more >.<
Recently I knew that he got my cellphone number from my friend Kuo.

of course, at first..who want to believe Mr.-oh so handsome- to short messaged me.
then I reckoned those message was from my other friend, Pretending to be him.
(I got a lot of super ignorant and rascal besties, ha2)

Then I replied:
"It would be impossible to a PRINCE from Hellsing to short messaged me, u must be one of my rascal fren!LOL"

next message from him is a bit awkward, he still insisted that he's the real singer of Hellsing Band.
and I got curious.
Later on my friend Kuo told me that he is the real LUNG2.
And oh my got! I WAS SO ASHAMED of myself >_________<

But day after day passed, and I was Super Duper Happy!
because I just can hanging out with my dream boy...hahahas~ it was just like dream comes true!
And one month after,
He said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend.
I was melting.
(of course I said yes~) =D

And soooo....
He made me a song, everything is played by him..
Guitar, drum, music composing, etc
And of course, my boyfriend is the SINGER for this song^^
Its tittle is FIRST KISS~
You can listen for the song here =D..if you want ^^

Here's the lyric:

First Kiss

First time I met you, I`m in love to…
Your eyes that call my desire to be loved
And I wish that was true…

I want to give you the dream, Love that the only one can give…
It`s you…

Reff :   Deep inside I feel, insight I see
            In touch I believe in your lonely heart…
            No one ever make me happy, just like you did a~
            I hope our first kiss, is more than kiss that ever made for you…

Why did you run through this life
When the pain is surrounding all around your side
Just share that with me tonight…

For you who had already listen it, I'd really like to hear your comment! hehe...
He made this song almost 3 years ago, has a mellow ambience,
which show his tender feeling for me...yay♥
And I really really appreciate it!

Well, Sorry for my looooong post >.<
hehehe. I hope u were not getting bored reading my random post about my life (;゜ロ゜)

Oh and something I want to ask you lovelies...
Should I keep posting random post about my life like this? or just stick to beauty and informative post just like my usual post?
Thanks for reading and have a delicious day~
I'll be going to a market buying some recipe for katugki ъ(`ー゜) ┐

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