Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alert on Geo Fake Lenses

a bit about circle lenses that are sooo popular nowadays. Let's read about its RISK for our eyes and alert on fake lenses (Geo)

However, along with this popularity, issues concerning the quality of these lenses have arisen. Currently, there are still companies selling circle contact lenses without bearing the stamp of approval from health services. Many lenses are manufactured in Asian countries where there are no guidelines or supervision over the production of the lenses. Asian countries are the biggest exporters of circle lenses. Many opticians assume that the lenses are made from cheap materials because they are very inexpensive. Many small companies in Asia are more likely to create circle lenses with cheap materials.
The trend had spread to the United States, Australia, and Canada, driven by Lady GaGa's video for her song Bad Romance, in which she displayed larger-than-life eyes. The New York Times noted that circle lenses were being worn around the country and were readily available in cosmetic and prescription variants on the Internet despite being illegal in the U.S. The FDA, the Optometrists Association of Australia, and Health Canada have not approved the use of circle lenses. Circle lenses are not illegal to buy in Canada, while the HPFB has not approved the marketing of prescription contact lenses by non-professionals in Canada, plaino lenses (contact lenses without corrective strength) are legal to buy, and are sold under the classification of novelty cosmetic lenses, which can be bought and sold online legally. The greatest concerns over circle lenses are that if obtained without a prescription they may not properly fit and can deprive the eyes of oxygen or cause serious vision problems. The lenses have a potential of scratching the cornea and causing an infection that can lead to blindness if not properly fitted.

taken from: circle lenses - wikipedia

For sweet girls that loves to wear contact lenses (Geo), make sure that your Geo is not a fake. Look at pic below for details.
fake geo lenses
fake geo lenses
Be sure to check your authentic verification number to GEO'S ANTI FAKE SYSTEM.
Just input your code (scratch if first) and then verify it.

I just want you to care for your precious eye and just like Geo's motto: "Your eyes are too precious for fake lenses!"

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