Friday, December 17, 2010

Girls' Generation Skin Problems

I knew that it's an old post and a Re-post~ very2 old one. I just want to reshare it to you gurls
Not all of us is perfect ^^  I got my occasional breakouts too (like now =p)

Have you ever felt envious about their skin?
Well 'most of" their (actress)'s picture is photoshoped. 
So there is nothing to be worry about,
"I want my skin to be like that", or "Why all of them never got a skin problems?"
Later I'll make a post about the miracle of Adobe Photoshop..he2

Right click on the picture to enlarge =)

These are pics of Girl's Generation. Somewhat I feel bad about re-posting their pic here, But I don't have any bad intention. I just want you (that haven't seen these pic yet) know that we should not feel bad about our appearance^^

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