Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: NYX Round Lipstick Pumpkin Pie & Orange Soda

Hi gurls(・ω・)/
After trying Revlon almost nude, I've been always searching for another nude lipstick that would suits me. And I found these~ NYX round lipstick in pumkin pie and orange soda.

And yes, there are a lot of another reviews already. But I think it's ok to give my own verdict for this two~

What I like:
it doesn't settle on lip's fine lines
gives enough moisture to lips
it does not dry up your lips (another 'dry' lippie tends to be cracked out after several hours) I hate it
Super cheap~

Staying power is so-so
The stick is so SOFT that I broke off my orange soda at the bottom stick. gyaaaah o(`ω´*)o

Left: NYX pumpkin pie, Right: NYX orange soda

Orange Soda:
It's a super nude lipstick that has a tone that come near to a concealer.
I used it on my whole lips and laughed when I saw myself on mirror, like I've been suffering for severe anemia! Here's another idea of using my orange soda:
♫ used as a lip concealer
♫ to make your lips looks thinner
♫ to make a gradation lips~ (which I love most)

Pumkin Pie:
Really a waste for me. because it's too close to my lip color (/ω\)
I tought it would gives a nice peachy pink color like I read in many reviews. But I can't even find any difference on my lips after wear it. It just (very) slightly lighter than my natural lips color.
It turn out to be pink, not peach as you can see in swatches below:
Upper lips: NYX orange soda, lower lips: NYX pumpkin pie
Close up version~ with a 'lil make-up put on (BB cream + eyeliner) I hate to admit it, but my eyelashes is so damn short that makes me really hard to put on a mascara...Lol!
Sorry for face distortion (My cam is always been like this..hmmph, it makes my nose looks bigger)

Nya~ that would be all for now, bubbye

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