Monday, January 3, 2011

My Hairstyle Story

Hi, my second post in 2011~ ^^
I couldn't sleep, so yeah... I'll show you pics about my hairstyle story (*´▽`*)
my friend in high school get shocked when saw my current appearance, because back then I was such a boyish girl! hahaha...

A lot of people thought that I were a boy too~
17 years old me

What do you think? Do I really looked like a boy? O__________O
My best friend told me that I looked like a girl from complex (manga), her name is also 'Rin' 凜, and also resembles 凜 from Tenchu Kurenai. I played that game too and shocked when saw her, we got a same hairstyle. nyahaha...
17 years old me & my fave style

I have interesting story too back then:
a few girls confess to me that they had a CRUSH on me! oh my gosh, and asked ME to be her 'BOY'FRIEND!Σ(゜д゜lll)  I was so shocked!
a janitor in girl's washroom told me that I entered a wrong washroom, she said "Men's washroom is over there!" ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ
my new friend in university trailed me all day long just to make sure which washroom I'd entered. because she was really curious that I'm a boy or a girl~ hahahaha...

there's a lot more, but would be too embarassing! =p

Nyah, I got long straight hair in middle school, I never ever had my hair to be rebonded or colored, I don't like it. So, this is my pic before I had my hair cut, a huuuuuge difference on my appearance right?
Here's my pic when I was still in middle school, with white koneko-chan~ raaaar ♡
I had my boyish hairstyle in high school, and then, I got after having a boyish hairstyle for almost 5 years, I have a longing feeling of my old long hair, and I met my boyfriend in university too. (remember that my boyfriend got a 'girly' look) it wouldn't be funny to walk with him with my 'boyish' style (;゜ロ゜) 
So I decided to ley my hair grew long this time~

21years old me

Look, my semi-long hair, I let it grow for more than two years now, and ask the hairdresser to make a side bangs too, it makes me look more like a little girl. ha2, do side bangs really makes someone look younger?
And here is my current hairstyle:
23years old

waaiii~ I've become such a girly girl now! hehehehe (/ω\)
I think I'll cut my hair again back to boyish style, later, maybe... what do you think? *grin*
That would be all for now, I got to eat, and sleep *must~
Bubbye~~~ ♡

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