Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shizuka Wig~Sexy Curl

Mini review about my very first wig~it's shizuka wig in sexy curl (not sexy at all in my opinion, lol)
The only reason I bought this is because I attend so many wedding ceremony in a week (bcoz of my boyfriend) and I thought it would be a money saver to buy one, since I don't have to go to hairstylist to let them set-up my hair, anymore.
It's really a nice one, comes with a free hair net and free shizuka false eyelashes. haha...But I'm not a big fan of fake eyelashes, so I gave it to my mom.

Well. what to review about a wig?
It's a synthetic one, that's is the only thing that made me regret about buying it. It looks so fake! T____T plastic alike like barbie hair, and smeel the same too. I should have buy a real human hair, of course with higher price.

I'll just spam you with a pics, it's not a 'good' wig, because I don't like a wig that got no natural looks!
fake one fake one fake one. so PLASTIC...can u notice?
Not combed pic of shizuka synthetic wig. All tangled, though, it's really hard to maintain an artificial wig in good condition. The hair is easily knotted and fall out it it's not combed carefully.

nah, u see how fake it is? the tone is too light for me too. I'd expect for a darker brown because I always liking liking my natural black-brown hair. And the curl is just a bit too much! I expect for a more natural curl too... Just because I treasure my hair a lot. I never colored it, ironing it, blow dry, etc. My hair is really a virgin. haha...

What I don't like about this wig (other thing than how fake it looks and smell), I feel not comfortable when wearing it. it's kind of heavy, smelly, and the hair got tangled so easily. My scalp becomes itchy too after a few moments! gyaaah~ >.< super2 hate it.

I don't know if it's only my digicam effect that makes it looks so fake. bcuz it was all okay if I took pic using my cellphone cam:
it looks all okay on last 3 photos... issit because the pic is too much saturated? sorry sorry, But my cellphone cam is always been like this~over saturated >.<

Well. I just gave my wig to my mother...hahaha...

And I'll be back soon with a skincare and beauty review! to be reviewed list is:
-The body shop~tea tree concealer (I adore it so much)
-Nivea Pinkish Boost (things that makes me say goodbye to my cherry pink) <<
-Acnes tea tree oil clay mask

That's all for now, see yaaa~

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