Sunday, May 1, 2011

eSpoir~Makeup brand

Hi! I'll be writing a quick post and post some pics from eSpoir, a brand that I fancy a lot recently =)
it's midnite now, but my insomnia symptoms just won't let me sleep >.<
well, eSpoir is not a new brand, but I've never seen even a single review of it on blogsphere.
aww...maybe eSpoir is not popular among bloggers?

compared to Etude House, eSpoir is lack of cuteness,though, it seems that eSpoir choose a profesional looks and it feels like the packaging is lady-like. What'd I say?

Elegant, profesional, clean, and minimalist! <3

(be ready for heavy pics) =p

look at this cute bottle~ I love the yellow one on the right<3 it's kinda twinkling and cute on its own way~ without losing their profesional and minimalist design. Thumbs up for the designers ^o^
They even got a make up show and make up class xD~ awwwee...I'm dying to join it!
Here's the ticket anyway, end up yesterday >.<

and their new model is Leighton Meester, american actress! what do you think? it's kinda unique~
and the shop~ got a sampe concept for interior design too. Here's a description I got from "wan interiors":
The professional make-up range 'Espoir' has now launched along with its first stand alone outlet in Seoul.
JHP was responsible for the all aspects of the brand's architecture, including positioning the proposition, brand identity, store environment, music playlists, staff uniforms, multi channel strategy and launch campaign.
The concept is about the glamour of the 'stylist's secret wardrobe' and has been designed to appeal to fashionable young women, across the world. Gossip Girl actress and model Leighton Meester agreed to be the face of the brand and JHP chose to art direct the initial shoot in New York with Hollywood photographer Mark Liddel.
The Seoul store is furnished with furniture housed in a raw shell with ‘stylist's closet' inspired fixtures, antique glass, polished plaster, concrete and leather. The rich orange and purple colour scheme was chosen to reflect the contemporary nature of the client and to transport it to the world of luxury brands.

well, tell me what do you think about eSpoir? do you like it? <3

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