Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fake Etude: Eyeliner Gel

Yeah, and now counterfeit product for Etude is available on stores (`Λ´) !
I was quite surprised to find out that there's even a fake for Etudeヽ(`Д´)ノ should be more careful!
My foolness, I bought it without even knowing the original packaging. So I thought it was an authentic one o(`ω´*)o

How did I find out that my eyeliner is a counterfeit?
My boyfriend said that there's a 'lil spelling mistake on the packaging. I checked it out and it's true!

MADEI N KOREA~~~> should be spelled MADE IN KOREA

that's my first clue, and soon I found out a lot of suspicious things on the packaging details. Here we go:
and what the heck with the "dist by/par" part, it just a copy from MAC! and d'hell with SOUTH KOREA MAC COSMETIC? Lol...
All Product from Etude is made in korea and authentic product from Etude should always has something like this stated on the packaging:

Etude Corp, Seoul 140-702 Korea
Made in Korea (3093) <~~~ code may vary


ETUDE corporation
MADE IN KOREA (3097) <~~~ code may vary

it comes with a brush too ~___~ oh wel... and here's for the most suspicious part, the ingredients! noticed something? It's exactly the same with MAC fluidline eyeliner gel's ingredients. WTF ( ̄△ ̄;) check it out yourself:
authentic Mac fluidline eyeliner gel

oh Craaaaaap! I spent USD $ 9.00 for this fake product! yuuuuck...  what a waste, and the shop didn't refund my money because they said that it's not a fake product! Crap! o(`ω´*)o o(`ω´*)o

oh least I can keep the brush and use it. But I'll definitely won't use the eyeliner, it's totally a garbage, It took forever to dry! What should I do with my fake etude eyeliner gel? >___< *sob

ok, fake etude product proved to be exist! and this product is a very obvious fake. Gosh I still can't believe I was being fooled by the seller!  (´Д`;)ヾ I bought it from a small make up distributor company.
People should either get their make-up or skincare product at the counter or 'trusted' seller (Not Ebay!)
I hope it would be the last 'fake' product I review (●´―`●)

but well, the good news is my eSpoir~peach touch all over spray just arrived today (=´∇`=) See ya~♥

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