Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Tag

I got tagged by Cominica, she tagged me a while back (sorry >.<) I promised her that I'll blog about this, so here we go, ten things about myself:
ღ I Japanese culture and been learning kitsuke (the technique of wearing kimono) for almost six years.
ღ I'm a BIG EATER! you won't believe how much I eat in a day. (stays 45kgs-forever-I think.haha)
ღ I play violin and drum.
ღ My bed is messy, I can't sleep without my favorite stuff (it could be a doll or even dress and accessories!)
ღ I hate math! grr...
ღ I'm a fine art artist (my favorite media is watercolor -gouache- and oil color)
ღ I love accsessories DECOing
ღ I collect chocolate paper wrapper from all around the world =)
ღ I'm a WARCRAFT player, and my faves minigame is DotA from icefrog! the only girl in my team, lol!

meeh,  wasted almost 30 minutes to think ten things about myself! Kay' that would be all.

Nah,for another tag...err, oh! it's a blog award from Angel, Thanks Angel (=´∇`=)
1. Make a post contain with:
    * Say thank you to someone who give you this award.
    * Write about someone who give you this award.
    * Write about yourself.
    * Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends).
    * Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox.
2. Use this banner award on your blog sidebar.

Sorry for breaking the rules, but.... for all lovely readers out there, just tag yourself if you want this award =p all of you deserved this. hehe..
I'm going to tag: Sasa, Nani, Jody, Melludee, Liza, Rabbito, Nic Nic, Elle, Odeath
keep the award and write "ten things about yourselves" if you want :3


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