Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hannari Komachi~Sakura Lip Cream/Balm

Thanks to my friend Mage who had introduced me this product! I'd never know that Bison is producing such a cute lip balm, Hannari Komachi lip cream in sakura ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰

Price: USD $ 6.99- $ 8.50
Brand: Bison
How to use: Apply on your lip whenever you want!

♥ Lip balm.
♥ Color lip cream leads to bright, soft cherry blossom lips.
♥ Covers dullness.
♥ Sophisticated natural shine and clearness.
♥ Treatment ingredients (Prunus Yedoensis Leaf, Honey, and Royal Jelly extract) to keeps lips smooth and moist.
♥ Light sweet cherry blossom scent.

♔ My verdict:
Actually, there is nothing special except for the luscious sakura scent. My very honest opinion is: "it's neither GOOD nor BAD", an average run of the mill flavored lip cream but very well packaged! Yeah, I'm a sucker for cute packaging!... and for kawaiiness craver out there, believe me, you'll gonna love this product!

it hydrates your chapped lips with cherry blossoms extract without stickyness, and its texture makes it perfect to be used as lip base or -before make up- lip preparation. Or you can just simply put it on after lip-scrub or mask session and keep your lips subtler and softer without glossy finish.

One thing, I 'm not really into tintless balm, cuz I have a  pale lips (hate it! grrh..) and not as it claimed to be, it doesn't cover any dullness on my lips.

What I like
♔ Packaging
♔ Scent + cherry blossoms extract.
♔ It's not sticky.
♔ It has a healing properties.

What I don't like
♔ Fingertip application! I'm a germaphobia!
♔ Kinda expensive ($7.00 for a size that small! meh!)
♔ It's tintless!
♔ short wear time.

You might like it if:
♡ You have a pigmented lips.
♡ You favor cute make-up packaging.
♡ You want a so-so on the go lip balm or lip-prep.
♡ You like potted lip cream.
♡ You are a big fan of flavoured and scented lip cream. Believe me, the sakura scent is really tempting!

So if you've been looking for good 'LIPCARE' product, Hannari Komachi sakura lip cream will come to your satisfaction. Don't like potted product? you can grab Hannari Komachi strawberry lip cream stick!


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