Friday, July 1, 2011

Daiso Smooth Skin Pad~Hair Removal

Hair removal kit has never been my thing, just untill recently my besties told me about how much she wanted to shaved off all hair on her hands and legs using IPL, I'm not really sure about having any IPL and I would rather get a review before spending my money, so has there anyone here tried this IPL stuff? I browse through google and find that it's kind of semi-permanent hair removal using laser. But "waxing" seems to be the scariest, I can't imagine how much pain I should endure, hahaha...! and believe me I've never ever shaved off hair on my hands or legs! >>> At least not untill I bought this miracle pad =p

I bought it at Daiso based on my curiousity and let just be it, nothing to loose. At first...looking at the pad itself I'm not really sure that it would works. Lucky me it works better beyond my expectation♡
So here's the product:
About the product:
It claimed to be in "skincare range" kit, we'll achieve a hairless and super smooth skin after usage.

How to use:
You should have a completely dry and clean skin, then sweep the pad on your hand (or any part of your body) gently with circular motion, and then again in the other direction. Once finished it is recommended to put on a body lotion.

♡Tips: don't rub it too hard or you'll have a sore skin afterwards. that's actually what happened to my skin on the first use  (T▽T)  My skin got all red-pain-and sore because I rub it too hard.

What I say:
The pad itself is kind of cute, because of its color, perhaps? lols The purple area is a bit harsh. Hmm... remember sandpaper? this is the smoother version! and I like the results, really. Not only removing unwanted hair, it also works as a PERFECT EXFOLIATOR!(*゜▽゜*)ノ I work it on my hand and the result was amazing, despite the ashy things, my skin feels so smooth like a baby-bottom ,

What I like:
♔ Easy usage
♔ Washable and reusable, up to three months, depends on how you use the product.
♔ Perfect exfoliator! enjoy you baby-bottom like skins afterwards

What I don't like:
♔ it's not 100% removing your hair. It just makes your hand/legs look less hairy for a few weeks.

zoomed up! so you can see my hairy hands!aweeee(;゜ロ゜)!
Please don't say that you can't see any hair on my hand before I shaved it off!'s just because of the crap lighting being so suck >.<

I jonly used it on my arms as I don't have any unwanted hair on my legs. But I really really hate my hairy hands, I kind of lucky not to have a coarse hair though, but they're just so long and I can't stand it any longer. Moreover, my friend has been talking so much about IPL things so that I feel I must shaved off all the hair on my hands and get more feminine touch to my hands, lulz.

If you are wondering why I choose this in place of a razor, it's bcuz it can be used as an amazing EXFOLIATOR. I've said that, eh? it was smooth as a baby's bottom!

I'm not going to repurchase the pad (maybe) haha, I'm not sure. This is quite a good product though, but maybe a hair removal lotion sounds interesting too! I'm going to buy innisfree hair removal lotion for next and see if it works♡ That's all for now and bubbye~ be back soon with another review (σ・∀・)σ


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