Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: SKIN FOOD Choco Eyeline Jam #2 Choco Dip Mocca

Hey dollies, I'm going to review SKIN FOOD Choco eyeline jam in choco dip mocca, my third eyeliner gel I bought in 2011. I've already reviewed the other one, choco dip black back then in May, for new followers, check it here ♔ Review: Skin Food Choco Eyeline Jam #1 Choco Dip Black
So, this is my favorite chocolate eyeliner for now, I'm getting addicted to chocolate liner more and more :3 let it take a pose first!
Just like other gel liner, it's jarred. So to prevent dryness, I put it in a resealable plastic bag. Many of my friend told me that this Skin Food eyeliner gel is not quite a good product. Well, I think I have to try it myself before I jump to conclusion.
I have to say that I like the swatch! chocolate eyeliner makes me look less meanie. I have kind of  'sharp' and meanie eyes which makes me looks almost angry all the time. Thanks God my eyebrows are flat so it doesn't makes me look even meanier! lulz  ( ̄□ ̄ )
But the rub test turn out to be bad! :( I wonder why the shade 1 has a better smudgeproofness. Oh okay no worries here, cuz I rub it with quite an incredible pressure for this, you're not gonna rub off your lids that hard while wearing a make up, no?


Texture: creamy consistency, crumbly, and I have to say that this one is alittle drier compared to MAC fluidline eyeliner gel (which I'm going to review soon :p).

Packaging: Photobucketglass pot, with printed metal cap. Actually I don't like really the idea of jar/potted case. But since it's an eyeliner gel? uh, can't be helped, I have no choice, lulz. My friend had this item for a year and she told me that hers has totally dried up. Thanks to that, now I know I should really taking care of this jarred liner and I have mine stored in hermetic plastic bag.

Waterproofness: Photobucketyes, it's waterproof. as long as you are not rubbing it harshly I guarantee that it's even better than MAC, believe me, this mid end product can incredibly be compared with those high end product!

Smudgeproofness: PhotobucketWell, I can't really say since the rub test turn out bad! hahaha...but oh well, in terms of 'smudgeproofness' I have to say that this one is worser than the shade 1 in black, dunno why. X_X

Staying power:Photobucket Quite good, as long as you don't rub it too harsh. Really, I don't think someone gonna rub their eyelids while having a make-up on their lids, so I just simply said its staying power is QUITE GOOD. I have to say that OILY LIDS is the culprit of 'panda eyes' effect each time you put on eyeliner gel.But no worries, this creamy liner won't be that easily smudged off just because of 'oil' ъ(`ー゜) ┐

That's all for the review, thanks for reading :3 and tell me what is your favorite eyeliner~?

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