Sunday, August 21, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE Aloha Two Two Kiss GIVEAWAY winner!

Hello, happy Monday dear lovelies! so I'm here to announce the winner of my ETUDE HOUSE Aloha Two Two Kiss giveaway (sponsored by: MYLOVELYSISTER.COM) the winner is personally chosen by ♥

First, I just wanted to give you guys a BIG THANKS, for all the entrants, and for my followers also. Thank you for your participation, thanks for following my blog and keep on supporting me and my blog. You guys mean a lot to me, I just don't say it, I really mean it.

So for those who didn't win. I feel sooo sorry >_< but once again I do appreciate your effort, seriously. I love you guys!

and yeaah, so the lucky winner is: IKMALIA ANINDITA from

for winner, please contact my lovely sister at 0812 822 98842 to claim your prize.

Thank you everyone~ ^^
p.s: big thanks to  for providing the prize

UPDATE: 25 august 2011

Awe, I have to say SORRY to Ikmalia Anindita but the winner has been switched. Me and Mylovelysister have already tried to contact Ikmalia Anindita via facebook and tagboard, and wait 24x3hours already, but... no response until now =/ 

So the new winner is:

*:・’゚☆。.:*:・’゚★゚’・:*CONGRATULATIONS dear! *:・’゚☆。.:*:・’゚★゚’・:* 

Please do respond and confirm to!

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