Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: KKcenterHK Beauty Angel Turn-Up Long Mascara

This is the second product sent by KKcenterHk for review purpose, thxies~ now I have like 6 mascaras on my drawer.

Volume type brush

sorry for the blurry pic>.<
 Product Description from KKcenterHK:
Product name:  Beauty Angel Turn-Up Long Mascara
Price: $ 12.10
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Authentic
Net Wt 0.35 fl oz (10ml)
★Let's Say Goodbye to the Old Sytle Mascara.
BEAUTY ANGEL Mascara is available in Washable Formula, Removes easily with warm water
Build Blod Volume And Long-Lasting.
Convenience, Contact lens safe
My Comment:
First off, I would like to say that this is a quite a decent mascara. But it's not a fiber one, so definitely not my HG type. Pardon me for the bad before after pic, mwahaha... I overworked and applied too many strokes on my eyelashes so they look all clumpy and chuncked >.< and look at how bad I curled my eyelashes. lolz! I need to practice more!
it has a very wet formula and takes awhile to dry up. This is quite bothersome because it make a mess on my eyelids and undereye area everytime I blink. The ingredients is not written on the packaging too, so I'm not sure if it's really safe for contact lens wearers. The packaging is a typical of chinese beauty product, you knew it already, no?
But I would say that this could be categorized as my everyday mascara for non important events. It doesn't smudge and stay nicely on my eyelashes.  However, it doesn't add any length to my eyelashes like it claimed to be, it just give me a fair amount of volume.

★What I like: Non-waterproof, no smudge, no crumbly things that falls onto my cheeks!
★Not so loves: Clumpy, takes a litle while to dry, it doesn't add any length.

Overall Rating:Photobucket

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