Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: BRTC Vitalizer Fluid + BRTC Vitalizer Cream

I've been trying new skincare product from BRTC  (my favorite skincare brand) for two weeks, BRTC Whitening Vitalizer Series and these MINI (25ml) Vitalizer Fluid and Vitalizer Cream is included as a freebies from BRTC Whitening Vitaliser Set.

Product Features
* Moisture and Oil Control. Wrinkle Repair, Whitening.
* Vitalizer Whitening Fluid and Vitalizer Whitening Cream - FREE SAMPLES

Price: $ 49.00
For further information about the product please visit BRTCSTORE
Mini size (25ml)


BRTC 바이탈라이저 플루이드 120ml
비타민 15% 함유된 화이트닝 스킨토너
★Enriched with vitamins A, C, B3, and B5. This toner promotes healthy skin while transforming it into a pure and translucent complexion.
How to Use: After washing, use the dropper to dispense an ample amount onto a cotton pad. Smooth skin in outward motions and pat gently until the toner is completely absorbed.

This vitalizer fluid is actually a toner, I like when it comes to "toner" part because it's so refreshing! though toner is only a part of basic skincare regime (3 steps like cleanser> toner> moisturizer) toner plays important role. it removes residual cleanser and traces of make up that couldn't be removed by cleansers alone, and also preparing your skin for better absorption of a moisturizer. So don't skip the toner!

The actual size is 120ml. Texture is watery, non greasy, almost essence-like in term of consistency. It has a neutral smells, which is good. I don't like overwhelming fragrance on skincare product though.
As for the result, I can't say much because I think I need more time to see the difference, but based on the APPLE TEST (I did it with brtc vitalizer c 10 ampoule) I believe it gives off a little something.
Anyshoots, I decided to try this toner and set aside my beautyzen cleanser and toner for awhile. I was kind of afraid at first, cuz my skin is super duper sensitive. Now I've been thinking to totally switched to brtc just because of the Vitamins and brightening properties! I'm lovin it

Recommended:  suitable for all skin types, preferably people with dull skin, or for those who simply wanted a brighter complexion.

The yellow part signs oxydation, so vitamin C in this product is FRESH.

BRTC Vitalizer Fluid ingredients
FRESH transparent vitamin C. No artificial color
BRTC vitalizer fluid. Non greasy, No sticky feeling

BRTC 바이탈라이저 크림 50ml
6가지비타민 10%이상 농축! 피부종합비타민!
★Enriched with vitamins A, B3, B5, and E. This cream effectively cares for malnourished and stressed skin, transforming into a purer, firmer complexion. 
How to Use: Use instead of cream at the end of your daily skin care regimen. Apply an ample amount onto the entire face and pat gently until the cream is completely absorbed.

The actual-normal size is 50ml, so when I got this in a mini form, 25ml. I think it's just enough  for trial =) So yeah. after having a test on my face. I prefer to use this product as an eye cream because the texture is rich and a lil bit greasy, remember a thick emulsion consistency? however, this product gave me a slight oily cast on my face. My skin regime change day by day, depend on the wheather. I usually put on snail healing cream on hot days, and when it's cold...I stick with the ampoule and this vitalizer cream ( ´∀`)

Now for THE BEST PART. you might know that I'm a huge fan of non-matte make-up finish. I stick with dewy and glowy look almost all the time. So before I put on BB cream, I've always do the 5 skincare steps. Applying this vitalizer cream before using BB cream creates a natural and lovely dewy look. LOVE!

Recommended: suitable for all skin types, but work best for people with dry dull skin. (my skin type is normal-oily though) this cream also works well to rejuvenate stressed and tired skin. It can be used as 'skin preparations' before applying BB cream.

BRTC vitalizer cream
zoom up!
So that would be it. I'm going to make a VLOG. Yeah a VLOG, lolz..soon! and post more about BRTC vitalizer range too (I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed by the apple test I did with vitalizer c 10 ampoule)  So in case you are wondering, here's sneak a peek of my upcoming post:
BRTC Whitening and Repairing BB Cream

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