Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daiso Haul~Beauty Product + Mini Review

Hi girls, how ya doing? So it's like 3.20 am now and I can't sleep! huraah~ so while having another 'dinner' lol, I'll be doing a little review for my recent Daiso Haul (o→ܫ←o)♫
I bought: 2 pack of natural make up sponge/puff, oil blotter (300), Aloe vera double eyelid glue, 'throw away' make up sponge, brush/sponge detergent liquid cleanser, mini powder brush, facial fiber cloth.

Daiso Micro fiber facial cloth
So what we have here is a facial micro fiber clothes, does it remind you on something? yeah, a glasses cleaner cloth/megane fuki. Apparently this micro fiber facial cloth has been widely used in Japanese skincare routine.

FABULOUS investment in facial care, extremely inexpensive and versatile

It is made from soft and hypo-allergenic micro fiber. and here's some statement I paste from the beauty magic: With the state-of-the-art advanced cleaning properties of the micro fiber, it is not even necessary to use any skin cleanser or makeup removal cream. Even hard-to-remove mascara can be lifted off with ease. So true! the reason why I always use toner is because of the residual make up that couldn't be lifted by cleanser alone. But with this fiber cloth, I usually skip the toner. Anyshoots, I'm not using this cloth everyday. This micro fiber cloth act as PERFECT make up cleanser for me. Hohoho...

Daiso powder brush
Here goes the powder brush, although it said to be 'mini', this one is HUGE, it can be used as a substite for kabuki brush IMO, the brush itself is soft and subtle, buuut... I rarely use this brush because I don't like to put on powder on my face. Hahah.. Ok maybe later.

Daiso~Double Eyelid Glue
And, double eyelid glue with aloe extract. Pretty much the same with Etude House Big Eyeliner charm that I've reviewed awhile back. The liquid is clear and not stingy, and when it dries up, it leaves a crispy and parched layer on your eyelid. Eeeek.... (lll´Д`) NG

a bottle of sponge detergent! I need a special detergent to clean my brush, sponge, and puff. So I get this in hand. The liquid is transparent and has a subtle scent. It reminds me a lot to liquid hotel soap. It works nicely and I'm going to repurchase this just because it's very cheap :D


This natural sponges are just, what shd I say, TOO CUTE! OMG I love love LOVE these sponge. Lolz, it may sound silly but I personally think this sponge is kind of... CUTE? aren't they? if you've played plant vs zombie you'd probably knew that this sponge resembles the stumbling block potato-rock- or whatever it is called. I might get back to Daiso and buy the facial cleansing natural sponge later. I haven't tried this sponge to apply BB cream yet, but it is said that we have to dip it in water and squeeze it dry to soften the surface before use. Good thing is, this natural sponge is free from dangerous chemical and they're reusable, they also have high durability and will last for likely 4 years.

Well, as for the arficial sponge I bought, they're so cheap and you'll get a lot of them. But I'm not going to repurchase bcuz I'm so into natural seasponge now, and about the oil blotter sheet, it's a suck >.<

I'll leave you with this pic, rainbow noodle and local fried chicken. Hohoho...See ya soon.

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