Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Floral Ballet Skirt, Panda Mask, Pre-Graduation~♡ Tweaked Layout

Hey yaa girls~  how is everyone? I'm here just to share today's mini haul . Okay, I was supposed to review circle lenses from Speciallens but my eyes are all puffy due the lack of sleep. NG :( I stay awake all night just to make 'proper' new header to my blog. Yeah I tweaked it a little. Just because I feel the old one is kinda boring. Hope you like it, and... sorry! I knew there's just too much pink! mwahahaha....('◇')ゞ

p.s: I have acc at blogskins and glitter-graphic, if you happen to spot my divider, header, etc on those site, it belongs to me. I designed the header/divider myself.  (✪ܫ✪)v
The floral pattern background image taken from tumblr. Basecodes are still from Josh. He's an official designer of blogspot.

So yea, I went for a walk around campuss today (taking my graduation coat and certificate). There's so many gift shops around my campuss  that sells cute fashion apparells and merchandise. Dammit, so tempting~ Here's the lovely skirt I bought today~

Super soft fabric~ wish it came in creme though
Ever since I saw the ballet fashion skirt from an online shopping site, I've been craving to get one. I was so disappointed because it was out of stock (-公-、)  That one from the shopping site was white, tule layered, just like a real ballet training skirt. OMG I want it want it want it! So when I spotted this on the store today I was like OMG a ballet type skirt! Yeaah actually, this one is not a REAL ballet skirt though ^^;  the elastic waist band  makes it looks so. Should I say this is a "ballet skirt inspired" skirt? =p

I love love LOVE this skirt~ it has a breezy & floaty looks. The floral printed fabric is really soft. You can tell! this is a double layered skirt, the inner part fabric is made from satin. The flowery pattern adds romantic vibes too, LOVE! Now that I have this, I'm going to sew more ballet inspired skirt for myself.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I've been a fan of ballet inspired fashion. OMG OMG~~~ so romantic ♥♥♥  I love this because its shape, not only it enchances my good feature, which is my super small waist. Yeah I know I look haggard,  it also hides my FLAT ass and gives me more volume & curves. Well, besides this skirt, I bought this super cute panda flu mask too! Ayeee...! it's so fluffy and cute (´ω`人)

panda flu mask~FLUFFY

And here's my academic graduation coat I took from my campuss today. This dark colored coat kinda looks like Harry Potter's, lolz. I got the 'hood' in orange (orange for design faculty) I'll be wearing this~tick tock~22 Oct ! kyaah can't wait xD and also I  had my picture taken the other day. I love the pic~ I put my boyfriend pic too, he's around my age on that pic.(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!

Lovely Boyfriend <3

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