Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: EOS Candy Doll Grey Circle Lens

Hello (T▽T)....Actually I want to merge this post together with KKcenterHK crisscross falsies I received a while back but stupid idiot me, I accidentally picked wrong falsies, the one that I've already reviewed. OMG... I hafta to retake all the photo  tomorrow (´;ω;`) So yeaaa.... I'm going to review my first ever grey lens from EOS, this pair were sent to me by SPECIALLENS. Thank you ♥

Lens Specification:
Brand: EOS
Product name: Candy Doll Grey/Candy Doll Gray
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Life span: one year disposal

I've never tried any grey lenses before, But I think I 'd give it a try, eventhough I had a feeling that it would look lizardish on me. But yea, I've always wanted to get a pair of grey lenses, and I still want to get myself another pair of more natural gray lenses.

Design: Photobucket Actually this lens, well... it looks quite natural and I love how it looks from afar, a transculet shade of gray. But it's a total different story when you see it upclose = =. The color is very VERY opaque with unnatural iris streaks. And the pupil hole ~___~ it was so big and very opaque, no gradation, so it doesn't blend well with my natural dark brown iris color. (T▽T) It gives me a freak looking eyes from upclose cuz I have darkish iris. Seriously the huge pupil hole gives me an annoying froggish look, lolz. OMG, but nvm, I think it's better worn by someone with bright colored iris.

Color: PhotobucketThe color is really obvious, and I like its light shade of gray and how it makes my eyes look fairier from afar, I think if this color goes with more natural pattern, it would be an absolute love!

Enlargement:PhotobucketAs for the enlargement, bcuz I'm too used to wear black alienish circle lens, I don't think that this lens gives you a beyond big enlargement. as you would expect from 14.5mm, I thought it was 14.00 though, and even the 14.00 black lenses look much bigger than this.

Comfort:Photobucket  it blurs my vision, slightly. But yeah, that's a problem with all plano circle lenses, I'm not going to complain though. If you want a totally comfy plano lenses I'll recommend G&G circle lenses, that was perfect :D

And lol at my first pic here, I tried to camwhoring with my 60D and when I set the mode in portrait, the lighting turn out weird like this, I didn't edit anything though, but it looks like it has been photoshopped exaggeratedly. But I like the result, lolz.

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