Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: LUVIEW Glossy Kiss~Dual Lip Gloss

Today, I'll be reviewing one of my favorite lip gloss from LUVIEW, Korean cosmetic brand that develops some of the FINEST beauty product, their prices are good and their products are of high quality. I really mean it, their products did satisfy me to the fullest! Anyshoots, I should say big thanks to LUVIEW for sending me the product, and KOREA COSMETIC for introducing me to the brand.

Product Name: Glossy Kiss [글로시 키스]
Product description: Romantic lip gloss with ultra shiny dual color
Benefit: 실용적인 듀얼컬러, 우수한 보습성분, 끈적이지 않는 광택감 (dual color in one tube, practical, moisturizing, non sticky)
Volume: 3g x 2
Price: $ 13.20
Where to buy: LUVIEW KOREA-SHOP (Go grab this fab gloss now, they ship WORLWIDE)

My comment:
To be frank, I'm not very fond of lip glosses, as you might already know that I have a big obsession to lip tint. But this one is exception! This gloss is SUPERB and well worth try. Okay, now onto the product. First off, the packaging, it's a dual sided lip gloss with glam packaging. I like this two in one concept :D

Sweet Pink: a lighter frosty/shimmery pink, super pale, and it's semi-opaque on lips. It also gives you a nude color. If worn alone, it reminds me to gyaru style lips, nude frosty pink, so Tsubasa masuwaka! worn it over a lip concealer and you're done ^^
Rosy Pink: translucent red berry tone. if worn fully, it would look 'too red' irl for me. So I usually have this on my lips as a filler for inner area of my lips. It has a sweet shimmering tone!
Sweet Pink+Rosy Pink: MEGA SHINE LIPS, Glassy finish, ALL FAB! OMG I LOVE it!

As for the scent, a sweet strawberry+rose scent. Not too overwhelming. Despite of having a very wet texture, it doesn't sticky. Pretty much the same like lip silicone, that covers anything up (fine lines, etc) So you'll have the smoothest lips ever, for real! Check the SWATCH~ I have a very wrinkly lips to begin with. It contain vitamin E, amethyst (wow!), and pearl extract to lock moisture on your lips. It's VERY moisturizing! I'm at ease~If you apply both of the color together, it will create a hypershine glassy effect on your lips!

Lasting: Photobucket
Glossiness: Photobucket
Overall Rating:Photobucket

Luview Glossy Kiss Dual Lip gloss swatch


I absolutely find this lipgloss amazing! Here's the 'upclose' lipgloss swatch for you, it has a very fine shimmer. Okay, that would be all for the review. If you are planning to buy this lip gloss ($ 13.20) ♡ don't forget to check:

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend, I'll be back next week  ヽ(´ー`)

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