Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: PETIT BIJOU Cotton Snow Body Lotion

Petit Bijou is not a new product from Etude House skincare line, but I've always loved it! and you'd probably aware that I got this included in my prize from my cutie friend Lippi (thanks hun~♡) So I'll be reviewing another body lotion here >.<~ which is designed by eSpoir Pink (developed by eSpoir fragrance) and Etude House.

Product Description
This delicate body lotion is formulated with milk protein, chamomile, aloe vera extract and the Petit Bijou fragrance to soften and relieve stressed skin.
No additives (sulfates, parabens, dyes, soaps, alcohols)

How to use: Dispense product and apply to all areas of the body by gently rubbing and massaging.]

Volume: 300 ml / 10. 14 fl. oz.
Brand: Etude House ~ eSpoir Pink

First off, I have to tell you that this is my NO.1 FAVORITE BODY LOTION~!!!5_23.gif (19×19) it makes me smell like baby >ㅅ<, all powdery with certain level of freshness!1_03.gif (19×19)
as for the packaging, it came in a huge pump type bottle. You may want to buy the smaller size for tester purpose though, it's also available in 30ml tube. What I like most about the packaging is the baby-ish vibe, which looks like it's made for babies. For some reason,1_05.gif (19×19) I found it cuter than most Etude house's product.

Texture is creamy, but once it's applied to skin, it turns out to be runny and watery.  a small amount of it can already evenly spread and moisturize your skin. Unlike other body lotion (which requires me to use a large amount of cream). The moisturizing properties itself seems to be long-lasting (but not as long lasting as vaseline cocoa glow which I've previously reviewed). Actually I would love to use it daily, but it's a bit pricey... so... (heeyaaa Ms. stingy!) lolz, I use it only when I go out ^-^

I'm totally in love with Petit Bijou line! especially with this lightweight body lotion, and I'm tempted to buy the cotton snow body wash too>㉨<~

What I love:
- Smells REALLY good! (soft scent of baby powder)
- Free from harmfull irritants: Paraben free, coloring free, alcohol free, sulfates free.
- Simple yet cute packaging (as expected from Etude House~)
- Safe for sensitive skin.
- It doesn't leave a sticky residue on your skin.
- Definitely HG!

- 'a bit' Pricey.
- The scent seems to be not long lasting.
Other than that, I love this body lotion the the most! The scent is very very soft and delicate to begin with, but when compared to the petit bijou eau de toilette (which seems to be super long lasting), the fragrance of this body lotion isn't long lasting.

Recommended for: People with normal-dry and sensitive skin, or anyone who wants to smell like a baby. ^-^

Overall Rating:Photobucket

That would be all for the review~
And for my dear readers, sorry that I didn't post much about my daily life, lolz. Me irl is a super boring person who've been busy doing job interview  =/  lolz... I desperately need something fresh this weekend and luckily one of my best friend asked me to go to FLEA MARKET tomorrow~!!! HYAAAA!  I LOOOOOOVE FLEA MARKET already! all items are super duper cheap, I even got original LIZ LIZA jacket (second in good condition) for 'only' USD 1.50 could you believe thaaat? ~~~ and by checking the tag, I'm pretty sure it's the ori Liz Liza omg. I'll be hunting more Liz Liza and CocoLulu clothing tomoro! I'm hoping to find some brands like angelic pretty tho, xixixi.(✪ܫ✪).

Last note before I go sleep, there will be a giveaway hosted on my blog very very soon ^-^ dun miss it~
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend everyone~^^

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