Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown Circle Lens

Hey hey~!!! I'm sorry for the lack of updates (´Д`;)

LensVillage kindly sent me a pair of Geo Princess Mimi series, almond brown. Thanks to Florence, the marketing manager of Lens Village, she approached me through mails and I'm gladly accepted her offer to review one pair of circle lens. Anyshoots,  Lens Village is a large scale circle lenses online store based in Malaysia and they do international shipping. Good thing is, They sell large range of circle lenses up to 400 choices~!

Item details

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Manufacturer: Geo Medical
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

My comment:
At first, I was wishing for Hyper circle brown lens, but it was out of stock, so I decided to get princess mimi almond brown, it's not as natural as the hyper brown though. But I have to say that this is definitely oooone of my favorite brown lenses! Teheehee...~

Design/pattern: Photobucket I looooove the design,  though, there aren't anything special about the pattern, but I like it bcuz the design is so simple. sthe black limbal ring is not very opaque, so it gives you a natural but well defined iris. Natural dolly looking eyes, minus the alienish look ;)

Color: PhotobucketDark brown, obviously, with a soft grayish undertone. Once you put it on, it blends nicely with your natural eye color (mine: dark brown) which makes me fall in love with the lenses =p. I'm sure you're going to love it if you're into natural looking lenses. Not as intense as black circle lenses though.

Englargement: Photobucket it's big and gives you a dolly looking eyes! it will look kind of weird when you worn it without an eyemake. So I really need to line my upper lash line a bit. Else my eyes would look weird.

Comfort: PhotobucketI don't know if it's only me, but my eyes are ridiculously sensitive to all not-so-comfy GEO lenses =/ Normally, most of geo lenses is thicker than any other circle lenses. G&G BT is the thinnest circle lenses I've ever tried. sorry, I keep on rambling about G&G everytime it comes to comfortness, lolz.

crazily in love with seifuku, seriously!!!

As I've told you before, my PC is totally messed up. I really-really need to buy a brand new one! and the good news is, the new PC will be here next week! Hoooraah~!!
Plus, I have two little companions with me now, they are a new family, will be posting about them soon (I hope, lulz) Also, I've been playing an old games (from 2006) that's also one of the reason why I've been MIA for almost two weeks >.< Mawwwn, soweeh! (office stuff drives me nuts!)
There will be quite a lot of updates from me on my next post, I hope you're not leaving me bcuz I did not update as often as I used to be
But I promise I will always update my blog, at least four times in a month though, hurhur...(✪ܫ✪).

And oh!! recently, I've been collecting ori japanese seifuku, I was reading japanese magz, Hana*CHU and I think I've fallen in love with all types of the seifuku! MADLY in LOVE!seriously! it's not like I have given up my love for serafuku (sailor fuku) but I started to love blazer type uniform. Luckily I can get some original seifuku blazer from Japan <3 AWE! Plus the big ribbons (it's really BIG irl) and also the square patterned skirt! tell me if you want to see more of the pics :D (Note: I KNOW I'm too old for seifuku, lolz. But seifuku cuteness is irresistible!!!)

So yea, gtg now, thanks for reading and wish you a great weekend, bubbye~~~

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