Monday, September 24, 2012

Photolog: Dog Kennel~Lembang

Hello again! So I promised to update my blog with a photo and such. I have hundreds of unpublished photo that I really want to post, but sadly, I caaaaan't post all of them cuz it will take ages to load! o: And after resizing all the pics (Dog Kennel), the folder size was still around 12mb, So I cut off a few photo and select around 70ish photos that I really like. Anyhow, enjoy!


Went to Dog Kennel with my bestie Ester and her friend Han2. It was Saturday morning when they kindly picked me up. We had a breakfast at my favorite chinese restaurant, Wajan! Their crispy fried bean is the best!

I thought going to Dog Kennel in lembang would be a great idea to beat Saturday traffic, but with more than 30km to Lembang, plus saturday mega ultra traffic, I felt a little bit frustated. It took more than 2 hours til we finally arrived to the kennel, and... guess what? The dog kennel was already closed!


But, it's okay. The scenery was soooo beautiful and so was the air, super super refreshing! There was a lot of dogs in the kennel, huskies, golden retriever, samoyed, and other breeds, I don't know the name ='=. They're all so friendly and one of them was like, "give me attention!" heheh...

They will be kept inside the kennel in the evening. This one seems to be in a deep sleep, enjoying her sweet nap! :D

Hahaha... THE FACE! 
This is my bestie Ester, the closest friend of mine and her friend.

I wanted to hug her so bad, but I think she refused! lmao. All the dogs were in their shelter, it's a good thing that the breeder there allowed us to enter the shelter area, eventhough the kennel was already closed. But still.... =(

My friend also got a retriever pet too at his home, Me want it too...o: but my house is too small! hehehe... Maybe later if I have a bigger house with bigger and fab front yard!
 One dog keep looking at meh

I like the eyes!!! So clear and blue! It's the part that makes them looks more wolfy! Heheheh...Huskies are the best ever!

I rarely go outside with a wavy hair, but I was in the mood to 'do something' to my hair cuz I think Saturday should be special! So I tried the water wave or Mool Gyul wave, using my mom's flat iron (I don't have any iron tongs or flat iron ='=). The result is a CRAPPY water wave so I NEED to censor it with the ribbon thing, HAHAHA... obviously.need.more.practice TT^TT

Oh... I just want to tell you that this grey outerwear is my MOST FAVORITE outerwear at the moment. The brand is Cutie Beauty, a Japanese brand. It has a cute knitted cotton balls attached at the end of the hood strings. The inner part of the hood is soo cute too, it got a layer of knitted cotton in beige. It looks so simple yet loveleable.


Okay, so this is 'Panda' the samoyed, me and my friend named it Panda because of its eyes. haha... blackish! He looked like a big pandaish dog, lolz... I really want to bring him home!!! TT^TT

Rest time :)

And so, we met this cute lil guy on the other end of shelters. My bestie called me and I was like, "GYAAAH SO CUTE!" He apparently just woke up and can barely walk. Only a few months old.

After looking at us, poop, he wandered around for a bit, Its mother came out and they returned to their wam-looking chamber. And I saw its funny butt stucked on the edge of the wood slab. LMAO.  We laughed so hard and it seems that the puppy noticed it. Hahaha.... But it managed to stay cool and even glared at us >.<

The scenery was also sooooo refreshing and invigorating, I'm so happy that I brought my SLR with me. I took a few shoot of dandelions and greenies.

 Twinning dandelions :)

How I wish to have a macro lens! I'm really going to buy macro lens later because I really really like macro photoraphy T____T

 This is the house in front of the dog kennel area. I wish... This was my house. Lolz.

 The sun went down so fast>.< But I still want to play and wandering around near the kennel!

 Sadako Style.... Mwahahaha...

So I made a funny sadako animated gif. Hahahahaha..... I really hope you can view it ~no error~ cuz it's really funneh! lmao. So here it is:

And  another crappy gif: :P

The fun times at dog kennel finally comes to an end! We decided to go back and have a dinner on our way back! Last shoot in da car!

My favorite polkadot make up pouch, I've had this pouch for nearly a year now :) Don't hesitate to ask me what's inside my make up bag -just in case you're wondering- Hehehe....

 Ester took this pic :)

On our way back, we stopped by to have a small dinner. Meatballs! There was one famous meatballs shop, they only haz a small stall but the I can tell that it does taste good by looking at the number of its random customer. I should have taken the picture T_T

Sorry for the long and heavy post!!! >.< I can't help myself from posting almost all the pics. Hueheheh.... I still have tons of local trip pictures, if you like this kinda of post please let me know, so I'll try to post something like this more often ^-^ See ya soon and thanks for the reading (and loading~). Hehe...

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