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Review: LIOELE Multi Seaweed Gel

Hello my dear readers! Remember my previous review of Lioele Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist? Tonight I'm going to review another Lioele product from the same line, Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel~!

Product Name: Multi Seaweed Gel
Origin: South Korea
Volume: 100gr
Price:  USD $ 18~20.00

Ingredients....~ Ouch! There's paraben, dipropylene glycol, and fragrance! But oh well, this gel got my favorite CHLORELLA in it, so yeah... ^-^

What Lioele says:

This is a multi functional product that can act as a toner, moisturizer or sleeping mask all in one. Contains 90% concentrated seaweed and other marine extracts, this gel is bursting with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that help to boost skin resilience, hydration and protect skin from environmental damages and pollutants. With added benefits of CoQ10, collagen and aloe vera, this gel can also help to firm skin, enhance cell regeneration and soothe sensitive skin. That is why it is called ‘youth in a bottle’.

TONER/MOISTURIZER: After cleansing, apply over clean face. Follow with sunblock or BB cream during the day.
SLEEPING MASK: Apply a thick layer of seaweed gel during bedtime and go to sleep.
BODY MOISTURIZER: Apply of dry skin as often as needed.
♔Tips: Can be chilled in fridge before usage to cool skin and tone pores.

Here's the appearance of the big plastic jar, double capped, and come with a cute little spatula. For those who dislike the jar form (because it might be unhygienic), worries not! Cuz the little spatule can help you scoop away the gel~

 So Jelly~

So this is the little spatula that I mentioned earlier, hehe... cute isn't it? And to be frank, this is my first ever GEL type moisturizer! I've never tried anyhing as jelly as this before, I meant in terms of skincare. And oh~! speaking of the packaging, apparently the jar form is not a good idea (eventhough it comes with a super cute spatula). When I first received it, the gel had leaked everywhere. The inner cap seems not to be good enough to keep the gel inside.

Anyhoooow.... let me show you the benefit of Laminaria japonica Extract/Chlorella Vulgaris Extract/Porphyra Yezoensis Extract/Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract.

Green Caviar/Caulerpa Lentillifera/Seagrapes
Anti-inflammatory, skin lightening, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, hypolipidaemic and anti-cancer properties

Chlorella Vulgaris
Improve skin firmness and tone, Circulation Improvement, Contain Vitamins, minerals, and UV/UVA protection. Read more at: Benefits of Chlorella.

Laminaria Japonica/Brown seaweed
And yes this seaweed is widely used as a 'konbu' in Japan! It also has anti-inflammatory benefit.

Porphyra Yezoensis
Extracted from seaweed, it is rich in amino acid, alginic acid, carrageenan and saccharide. The extract has the ability to retain moisture and protect your skin from dryness, thus giving you a smooth and firm skin.

That's the four seaweeds with lots of benefit for our skins! And how about the product itself? Let's see this advertorial first ^-^
What I really like about the product is the multiple function it has. I can use it as daily moisturizer, and also a sleeping mask, which I've always wanted to try! (boo me I've never bought any sleeping mask before~! hahaha... )

Before using the gel, I usually spray Lioele Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist to my whole face, letting it fully absorbed.

As a moisturizer: The gel works great, it really suits my skin and my current environment (which is super duper hot during days and even night!), it doesn't leave any sticky/greasy feeling afterwards, I hope I could tell you how much I LOOOVE this product as a moisturizer! I guess it's because of the gel consistency? Upon application, I can feel a cooling sensation too. Especially when I put the jar in a fridge overnight ^-^ It helps the appearance of huge pores too. It doesn't make my face become oilier too (since mine is already oily TT^TT) It's so refreshing! By the way... I've been skipping moisturizer lately, cuz it's been super hot here! > . < but if you have super dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this gel because the moisturizing properties is actually not that good, though, it suits my skin so damn well!

As sleeping mask: I'll have plumper skin in the morning everytime I use it as a sleeping mask~! I LIKE it (This is also my first sleeping mask, lolz) So I can't really compare it with other products, sorry for that! But the result is really visible, and that's why I like it ^-^ Worth the try, eventhough I need to be aware not to let my face touch anything or else the gel will be all over the pillow when I woke up.

This moisturizer is my favorite! hehe... I'd start wearing moisturizer again for the first time in a month (it was all about toner and ampoule back then. harharhar...) I'd really recommend this product for those with oily and troubled skin ^-^

Overall rating: Photobucket

- This product is for people with all kinds of skin types: skin with a lot of problems,
acne skin, dry skin, oily skin, neutral skin, and complex skin.
- People who have dry skin all year long except for the T zone area. This product will help moisturize the skin.
- Skin that is fatigued due to late night office hours and all nighters.
- Skin that has a lot of problems and gets easily flushed.
- Skin that is dry and old looking.
- Skin that is dark and dead.

So yeah, I hope you like my review and thanks so much for reading~♥ It's 1.00 a.m. now and I need some sleep~ Toodles!

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