Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Vassen Hana SPC Platinum Brown Lens + FOTD

So here's the review of Vassen Hana SPC platinum brown lens from LoveShoppingholics which I mentioned on my previous post. This month, I shall bombard you with more and more circle lens review, so please bear with me, hehe :3

Hana SPC brown transparent pattern

 Photo taken indoor under natural daylight, no flash.

For more information about the product, visit Loveshopphingholics site, Vassen Hana SPC Platinum Brown. (Promotion price: USD $ 18.99). By the way, this lens is also known as a beuberry series.

Pattern & Color:Photobucket
Naaah... I have tons of word to be , well, ranted. Actually, I was very very pleased with the pattern and color because it resembles NEO Dali Brown a lot (it was one of my favorite lenses back then). I kept it unopened for weeks, yet I assured myself that this will be one of my holy grail. But after I tried the lenses, I noticed something that irks me! The lens is too transparent. So if you check on the photo, you'll know what I mean. Especially under strong daylight, it will be almost a total see through. But under indoor lighting, the transparency won't be too visible. So it's pretty hard for me to evaluate my ratings for the pattern and color. I just hope the lens were more opaque and that's all!
About the color, it's a pretty and natural dark brown color. Matches my natural eye perfectly, though, it's a tad bit too dark to my current liking. But I still love how it gives a natural look. Mostly people will like, "You're NOT wearing any lenses,  are ya?"

My first time trying Vassen. It doesn't feel comfy at first, but I tried to wear it again the other day and it felt quite comfortable.  it felt a bit drying but it's okay, I can live with it. Nothing to complain about. It seems that my eyes are being tolerable with any brand of lenses lately.

Natural enlargement, lol. But that's the best possible word I could think about. It doesn't give any freaky alienish look even without eye make-up.

Overall:Photobucket I should rate this. Oh lmao... I love how it gives me a natural enlarging effect and color etc. I  love this lens but I only love it when I wear it indoor. But under daylight, it's a big NO. The only -and only- downfall (which I regret a lot) is the transparency TT^TT Other than that, this type of lens is actually my favorite.


FOTD time~! Here's my full face photos wearing Vassen Hana SPC platinum brown. I tried different make-up and hair style.

Just in case you are wondering, I'm wearing Revlon colorstay superlustrous almost nude which I've previously reviewed. And a peach blusher too. Know what, this is my first time in a year with a blusher. I kid you not! I'm still looking for a good cream/mousse blusher, if you have any suggestion please-please share :3 Thank you so much for reading & I'll be back next week ^-^~

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