Thursday, November 1, 2012

SOLUSIMU Toilet Seat Cover

Have you ever used toilet seat cover before? If you haven't, then you are more likely to like this product~! Today's post will focus on health related topic, I'm going to write a quick review about  SOLUSIMU Toilet Seat Cover!*Products are sent to me for review purpose*

So yeah, As you might know, this is a disposable thin paper in a shape of ovalish toilet seat. Supposed to be placed on top of toilet seat to protect us from any bacteria and germs that can affect our health!
The packaging is made from a thick heavy duty paper. Travel friendly, with safety transparent seal on the back. The overall packaging of this product, especially the way it's arranged, reminds me to a packaging of blotting paper.... and, speaking of which, I recently found the relation between blotting papers, I mean, the 'real' blotting papers and this toilet seat cover, lolz. Some people really use it as a blotting paper to get rid off excess oil on face. Curious? Read the article HERE.

Well, I dont think I'm going to use it that way though... 

This is how it looks when I unfolded it a bit. The paper itself is not as sturdy as I expected it to be, it was rather thin and soft, almost see through. A few jagged part can be found along the edges. And the center part has three joints that is supposed to be disconnected.

Just like this, and the paper is ready to be placed on top of the toilet! ^-^
As for me, this is also my first experience of using a toilet seat cover. And this is good! To think that germs and other viruses might be transmitted, it irks me a lot!

And yeah, I'm going to be frank, I've always been do this squatting position everytime I use public restroom. I didn't like the hassle of arranging toilet tissue to clean and cover the seat. Plus, it's really disgusting. I'm a very hygienic person, overly hygienic if I may say. (Like, I'll never touch my face before I was my hand with antiseptic soap beforehand, that's still normal though. Hehe...)

With toilet seat cover, I can really 'sit in peace' when I use public toilet, and the good thing is, I can keep everything clean without squatting, lolz!

If you want to know more about the product, visit their official site here:
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Also, germs can be found on the faucets, soap dispensers, and doorknob. Especially when you're using public restroom. I've always used tissue to turn off the faucet, and even when I open or close the door. If you google this you might find that such things (faucet, doorknobs, etc) is the major culprits in spreading disease.

So yeah, keeping our body clean is an important part of keeping us healthy and helping us to be good about ourselves, right?

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