Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: GEO BC-101 Brown Circle Lens (Jazz/Dolly Brown)

Hello, hello~ It has been almost a week since my birthday, I want to thank you for all the greetings (on my facebook and blog) Thaaaanks a lot~ *big virtual hug for everyone.
And today, I'll be reviewing one more circle lens, lol. I promise it will be the last pair of 2012. I got an offer to review (and choose) one pair of circle lens from Trendy Sweet Shop, so I initially chose GEO BC-101 Brown as I've been wanting to try more natural contact lens.

face: Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream, Luview Crystal Mineral Pact, Skinfood salmon darkcircle concealer,  MAC pigment colour powder.
eye: MAC fluidline in blacktrack, falsies: Etude House 'secret'
Lips: Etude House fresh cherry tint in peach

 scratch the sticker, and check the authentication at geo.fw1860.com

And yeah, the lenses I received are the original GEO lens from Korea ^-^

GEO BC-101 Brown Circle lens
The design/pattern looks SUPER DUPER natural, without too much visible pixel and the opacity is just right! Unless you see it super upclose, you won't notice the pattern because the swirly design is barely visible from afar. I'm liking the design so much because the naturalness, you know how I like my lenses~! Hehe... When I asked how the lens look on me, people will like, "are you even wearing it?" Lmao~~~

Color: Photobucket 
Pretty Light brown that match my natural eyes color PERFECTLY! If you prefer a darker color, then you can get yourself a pair of BC-102 from GEO. But I like like like BC-101 pretty light brown color soooo damn much. Nuuu... I can't even describe it to words of how much I'm liking the color of this pair! *being super honest here*

Enlargement: Photobucket 
Many people said that this lens is quite big, but I don't think that way. Yes it does enlarge my pupil, but only a little bit! I can't see many difference on before/after wearing the lens, which makes me feel kinda disappointed TT^TT. Unlike any other circle lens, I look okay even without wearing eye make-up. It only enhances the size a little bit (14.2mm). Now I know that I should go for at least 15mm with natural brown lens.

Comfort: Photobucket
I had a 'very' difficult time at first, It keeps hurt my eyes and made it tear up like crazy. The lens, though it's actually quite thin, is so difficult to be put on, idk why >.< like it keeps sticking on my fingers, but that's might just me. By time, my eyes began to tolerate the lens. Though, sometimes it tends to blur my vision (I'm plano type and the lens is a plano too) so I can just wear it for 4 hours at the most.

Overall: Photobucket
I love this pair! I like the barely-there type of lenses and this one is one of my favorite. The only turn off is the enlargement, I'd prefer lenses with visible enlargement. Perhaps GEO Mimi Cappuccino brown~?

If you like the lens, and planning to get yourself a pair of circle lens, don't forget to visit Trendy Sweet Shop, Hongkong based online store~! And enter SPARKLE APPLE to get 10% off discount! (they recently started selling Liese Soft Bubble Hair Color too)
Trendy Sweet Shop

And, to show you how the lens is barely there:
Fuuuuuuh.... really ;^; This would be a holy grail if the the size was 15.00mm!! And, I've told ya, I like to cat doodling my selca. Fwehehehe....

Thanks for reading and see you again soon darling lovelies~

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