Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kkcenterhk GillBottom Wavy Wig

Hello! Today I'll post the overdue review of synthetic wig from kkcenterhk that I received last year. As you may already now, I got addicted to wigs lately~! Well, I'll start with the photo of me without wearing the wig.

I know, I look pale and sick and many told me I look sad, forgyff ;^; But yeah, my hair is actually a very thin type, unvolumized, super straight, and boring . This is pretty much my daily hair-look. I love to have my hair clipped on the back cuz it makes me look less haggard, hahahah...

Product Name: Gill Stunning Long Full Bang Fringe Wavy Hair
Price: USD $ 25.21

The fake scalp is barely visible, you may notice that the wig is pretty thick. (Photo under natural window lighting)

Indoor, the wig will turn out shiny. The shinyness is a bit over the top. This is the one and the ony drawback of this wig because people might notice that you're wearing a wig.

Left: window lighting | Right: indoor lighting

Finally, a decent shot of the wig, somehow the wig look more natural under soft window lighting. It doesn't look as shiny ^-^

Fibers: chinese synthetic fibers, non-heat resistant. Just like my previous GillBottom wig, I'd categorize it as a medium-end fibers. Under direct sunlight, and indoor with strong lighting, the wig will look like a clump of super shiny hair, lol. NG. But under dim indoor lighting and soft window lighting, the wig turned out to be more decent and natural. I let my bestie tried the wig to a wedding party and to my surprise, the wig looks kinda natural on her.

Compared to pinkcoco wig, this wig feels more plasticy, and it does smell like a plastic-barbie-hair. But on the brighter note, the detangling process is a whole lot easier! Even without wig essence, it will brush well without the frizzy ends.

Shape & Style: It supposed to be a wavy wig, but somehow it feels more like a curl than a wave. But I think that's just because the messyness. The wig itself is very volumized and thick.

Color: Originally a dark brown color lean toward auburn with reddish undertone. Under natural lighting, the color turns out to be much more lighter.

Wearability: Not something that I'd wear daily, preferably for special event =P

So yeah, that's it for today!
I'm going to post more about wig care later x_x as promised. Will be posting circle lens review too, pretty soon ^^ I got GEO Mimi Cafe Cappuccino, GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green, and Miomi E.T ray gray on the list, so stay tuned~

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