Friday, February 22, 2013

Being Featured in Sparkling Magazine Winter 2013 issues

Hello~ Well... I know I have tons of list on my review backlog, but I just dropped here to let you know that my blog was featured in Sparkling Magazine winter 2013 issues~! a friend from Philippines told me about this, thanks Angel~ you're such a sweetheart! Love LOVE~

Here's the scanned page with a few of featured bloggers, just a small section for each of us, but I'm so very happy and flattered ^o^

 Small section of me on the magz ^

Sparkling Magazine winter 2013 issues ~ with Lee min ho and SNSD on the cover.
scan-pics credit:

About Sparkling Magazine:
Sparkling is a K-Pop entertainment and lifestyle magazine published by Summit Media, the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines.
It features all of K-Pop's hottest artists and celebrities as well as articles on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

I didn't know about Sparkling Magazine til I heard about it from my friend, Angel. I googled it and I was 'oh' a K-Pop magz from Philippines, and I was like OMG Philippines~ hahaha I LOOOVE it and I didn't expect I'd be featured in a magazine that's being published in the Philippines! ♥ OH WAW ♥ I'm so excited ;^;
Thanks Sparkling Magazine :3

Hehe, I think that's it for now, will be back with a beauty product review *I promise ^-^ Bai for now~

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