Thursday, March 21, 2013

Introducing WISHTREND + Wishlist~

Hi ladies, I'd like to introduce you one of my favorite online shopphing store, WISHTREND :)
I've made several review about Wishtrend product and also a giveaway (sponsored by Wishtrend) so I'm pretty sure most of you may already know about Wishtrend. I suppose one more post wouldn't hurt, since I will also sharing my recent wishlist from Wishtrend ^-^

What will you find?
Latest and popular make-up and skincare brand from Korea, like Ciracle, Skinmiso, Mustaev, SKIN & LAB, Liz K, Tosowoong, ELISHA COY, Confume, Caolion, Klair's, any many more. This brand is hard to find outside Korea, but thanks to Wishtrend and its fast and safe delivery service, you can now get all of these product :3

Why Wishtrend?
★ Diversity of product list
★ Best quality product with affordable price
★ Assurance of freshness with expiration date
★ Wordwide shipping and fast delivery
★ WISHtrend gives plenty of gifts to every customer
★ Informative content
★ Safe Payment system
★ Quick respond within 24 hours
★ Special WISHBOX
★ Exclusive products.

I really recommend you to take a look on their site, especially if you're skincare and make-up geek like me~ ^^ Tehee~ They do sell 'rare' brands that is hard to find outside Korea, so it's very good if you want to have more experience with Korean beauty products. Not only that, they also sell fragrance, hair/body care, beauty tools, and a beauty box~!

Here's my recent wishlist of product that caugt my eye :3

You know me, I'm ampoule lover! and Vitamin C lover! I have a feeling that it will do its job better than my previous Stemcello Vit C ampoule, who knows~! Hehe... I can't wait for this baby to arrive at mail :3

As I've told you. I've been struggling to eliminate all this minor acne on my cheek ;^; I definitely need this, saw a good before after pic on their site too :3

[Ciracle] Eye contour gel
Delivers moisture and elasticity to the eyes!
I NEED to take care of my eye areas! I have SEVERE dark circle, I kid you not. Everytime I do selca I MUST cover it up with a lot of concealer, and I have lots of fine lines too. This one might help~ hopefully. I'm considering buying it.

Waaaa I know I'll definitely LOVE this baby!!! All in one acne treatment product, which can heal your acne and gives enough coverage at the same time :3~~ Wooo I'm really curious! Check on the site, I love the sheer coverage it gives. Something like this would be SUPER good for a low maintenance day, since I'm not wearing make-up on my daily basis.

Dual functionality of Whitening and Wrinkle care!

Obviously, the packaging is really cute! with panda! hor~~~ and I love the name too, Panda Eye Essence Mask♥ How cute!

I've been eyeing MUSTAEV make-up line too~ here's some of my favorite:

The peach looks so cute and soft~

I'm in love with GEL type eyeliner because it's so easy to work with, and they're so versatile :) 

The natural finish and lightweight form caught me on the spot, plus it claimed to have a medium buildable coverage. I've been wanting to wear an actual foundie though, not a BB cream.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE the color combos on this palette, I swear!!! It's like love at the first sight, yeah? hahaha It reminds me a lot to DIOR 5 coleurs eyeshadow in 030 incognito and Givenchy eyeshadow palette in Siena Silhouette. You don't know yet, but I've been buying a lot of eyeshadow palette (I'm going to post it soon~~~♥)

Might as well need this foundation pact. I NEED full coverage as for now ;^; redness and acne scars. Nuuuh, I haven't tried anything like this before, but I'm sure that it will give a maximum coverage for me.


That's all for WISTREND and my recent wishlist! ^-^
To sum it up, my TOP THREE FAVORITE are:

Care to share what's your recent wishlist with me? :3 Please leave a comment then, hehe... I will read every comment and reply ASAP. Thank you and I'll see you soon (on my haul post, as promised~)

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