Saturday, March 16, 2013

KKcenterHk Natural Handmade Falsies + Gray Circle Lens + Cats!

Hey guys~ today I'm going to review two items, Buty Color Handmade Natural Criss Cross Fake Eyelashes and Aimu Medusa Gray circle lens. So yeah~ shall we go? ^^

You know what? I've changed my mind about falsies! Hehehe... Actually I've always hated seeing myself wearing falsies, because it looks WEIRD on me irl. They kind off dominating the space on my eyes, esp. humongous falsies like Dolly Wink. I've never. ever. wanted to go outside wearing one!! But yeah, that's an old story ~~ :3 so far I only favorited one type of falsies. This criss cross one, bcuz it looks so good photographed You're very familiar of it I guess bcuz I've always wear it almost on my every circle lens review.

But this one (Buty handmade natural criss cross falsies) is really different, it looks super duper extra ULTRA NATURAL! and it doesn't look weird on my eyes. It stay sits, nicely and intact, emphasizing my eyelash naturally without being too over the top ^-^ I LOVE IT! ~♥♥! Guess who's jumping all over the place like a happy mango!

The packaging

 10 pairs of natural fake eyelashes :)

One of the most natural false eyelashesm and one of my favorite ♥

Today, I tried them on briefly, and to my surprise, it doesn't look weird on me in real life! I've been looking for this type of eyelashes for long and now I've finally got them~~ Finally eyelashes on the go ^o^ Everything about this falsies is... may I just say, perfect! With the length that match perfectly with my eyes, I don't need to go all the hassle of trimming it off. The band is elastic and it doesn't prick me on the eyes. It feels light too, like I'm wearing nothing. Just so much better than any other eyelashes I've ever tried (even better than Dolly Wink in terms of shape).

What I like the most is its design, the hair strands are carefully arranged one by one, creating a natural effect that looks almost the same like our natural eyelashes. See? The falsies is in a good quality too, and they're reuseable (like four or five times).

Yah, that's my honest opinion about it. You'll see me wearing this falsies often in the future ^-^ so more photos are coming up!
For more information about the product, check this out:
Buty Color Handmade Natural Criss-Cross Fake Eyelashes
Price: USD $ 16.70 for 10 pairs
100% Handmade and Authentic
Import From Taiwan And Made In Vietnam

Use SPARKLEAPPLE as discount code~

Moving on to the next review, I have a gray circle lens from Geosoftlensroom.

 AIMU MEDUSA GRAY circle lens
Click HERE for more information about AIMU MEDUSA GRAY

My comments:
Honestly, I haven't heard of this brand before, AIMU. And the name, medusa, LOL. Thinking of medusa's stone curse skill and whatnot! Anyhoo, here's what I have to say about the lens:

Color & Design: photo rat4.png
I love how soft the gray is, it's just the right shade of gray, not too obvious, and leaning more towards black, I assume. Blends well with my dark eye color. The pattern has a resemblance to water crystal but being worn, it won't show up that well.

Enlargement: photo rat5.png
Freaking humongous, the same like my previous review of GEO big grang-grang. I think it would be nicer to have it smaller in size, like perhaps 14.5mm.

Comfort: photo rat15.png
It keeps irritating my eyes and blurring my visions ;^; I can't wear it longer than 2 hours, sadly. I'm not too sure, but I think the new lens protein remover I recently bought might also affect it. I ca't say much though, I haven't tried any other lens that has been soaked with nitilens, that's the brand.

Overall: photo rat2x.png
I love the color, the design, and pattern, it doesn't gives off a weird black orb effect and doesn't look dull. But it's too freaking humongous! lmao. So that's the downfall, and also it keeps suffocating my eyes and I don't think I'll wear this one too often.

Sorry for not posting a full face shoot ;^; the sun went down so fast bcuz it's been raining like mad today and you know I hate flash selca >.<.


Oki dokie. I think that would be all for the review ^-^

And~~~  for random updates, today I got three packages! Yay~ No wonder I've been such in a good mood today :3. So first I got a big BIG package from Korea, a full bunch of dainty & appetizing chocolate. I'll post up a picture later on my haul post. Second, I receive the long awaited black velvety suede shoes, with ribbon from Pink Locomote O'shop, I'm gonna pair this up with my maxicimam dress :D. And then my lovely Stila Lovely Eye Talking Palette! And yes this palette is really 'talking' (in Korean), lol it's sooo cute! I've been eyeing Stila for nearly a month now, tehee.. definitely my number one favorite brand as of late~

So yeah, that's for today! It's 1.50 now, I'm gonna read a few more chapter of Kekkaishi while eating chocolate and enjoying a cold green tea, lol (I'm not an otaku but sometimes I'll read a manga). Then I'll go to sleep. Ciao~ I'll leave you with pics of my cute lil fluffy kitteh :3 Miaw!

 sleppy papa cat :3

 fluffy bucil and her toy!

^he's like "whaat??"

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