Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: GEO Big Grang Grang Choco WHC-246

Hello ladies, it's me again! Ehehe... So tonight (well actually, it's morning already, like 1.30am here), I'll be doing a monthly lens review sponsored by TOMATO online shop. I was SUPER happy when I know that I got the GEO Big Grang Grang WHC 246 cuz I've been dying to try it for quite a while.

 GEO Big Grang Grang WHC 246

 original GEO lenses with authentification code
Close up pattern of GEO Big Grang Grang WHC 246. Notice the "B"?

 GEO Big Grang Grang WHC 246 circle lens ~ BEFORE AFTER

GEO Big Grang Grang WHC 246 ~ taken on natural daylight/window lighting

Color & Design:  photo rat5.png
Honestly... It's GORGEOUS. The color/design looks super natural, blends in nicely with my eyes. Being worn, the outer rim looks much darker, close to black, and can you notice how beautiful and natural the gradation is? I'm totally in LOVE with this kind of lenses! I LOVE the color, the DESIGN! It's totally my favorite! The pattern is so subtle, without giving too much crazy black/brown orb effect. And this one is giving enough normal and natural 3D effect, unlike GEO Mimi cafe cappuccino that tends to look dull and flat. The color and design are perfect for a dolly ulzzang look. Definitely Deadly~!

Enlargement:  photo rat5.png
GOLY HUGE! it's freaking humongous! It's like the BIGGEST BIGGEST circle lenses I've ever tried~!!! I kid you not! without the eye-make up I'll look so scary, like 100% weird creature from another galaxy O___O LMAO, I seriously think the size is somewhat over 15mm effect, like perhaps 16 or 16.5mm. That might be just me, bcuz I have a small pair of eyes ^-^

Comfort:  photo rat5.png
in terms of comforness, it kicked out Dueba from the first position in my heart. I wore it for a looong full day (more than 8 hours), without even a single eye drops, and it doesn't even drying. I guess it's because this lens is really really thin. No irritation, no blurry vision, etc. It's awesome!

Overall:  photo rat4x.png
I definitely LOVE everything, except for its enlargement that is being a little bit over the top. Also, I had a hard time getting it into my eyes (due to its super thin membrane). x___x sucks, I was just about to give 5 out of 5, but yeaah...

Other Comments:
This lens is freaking thin, like a tenuous extra ultra frail membrane, and I had a HARD time wearing it. LOL. My eyes are small, and the lens is super HUGE! It keeps sticking on my finger and it's REALLY hard to put on, like it's refusing to be worn. MEH! I've never ever had any experience as crazy as this. HAHAHA, Holy Banana, it makes me feel like I'm a first timer!

*this review is 100% honest and drama-free ^-^

TOMATO online shop
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Pic of random uljjang/ulzzang I picked from google, with the same lenses. GEO Big Grang Grang Choco WHC-246

And selcas:

So yeah~ that would be all for the review~ ^^ Hope you like it!

I'll be a little bit busy later this week because I have some works to be done, and also Job Interview in the capital city! I'm so excited~!!! I haven't been able to have a full-time job due to my sickness for nearly a year!!! ZOMG. I'm dead boring! *_* But now, I have fully recovered (hopefully!) and I think I can get back on the track :) So wish me luck!

Before I go, I'll leave you with a collage pictures of things I received in the mail this morning~

I bought STILA living the life in laguna - beach girl palette, which is my FIRST eyeshadow palette I've ever bought with my own money, hoh! And I got several products from buff'd cosmetics in Canada, I have body shimmer, illuminator, eyeshadows, powder foundation, and blusher! Added all of 'em to my review backlog already. So stay tuned for the review! Thanks for reading and byebye~

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