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Review: Jealousness Eyeshadow & Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Hello everyone~ :3 As promised, for the next several posts, I will try my best to catch up with my to-review list. So today, I'll be reviewing two products from Jealousness, a relatively new cosmetic brand from Taiwan. I received  Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Sparkling Eye Shadow Duo and Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen from EYECANDYS for review purpose. So yes, 'an honest' sponsored review.

Okay, so first, Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Sparkling Eye Shadow Duo in Showy Black! :3

 Jealousness eyeshadow duo cute packaging ~ ♥

 Jealousness Shimmering Sparkling Eye Shadow Duo - SHOWY BLACK
Close up look of Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Sparkling Eye Shadow Duo in Showy Black.

Product Description:
Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Eyeshadow Duo comes with 2 complementary shades. The satiny, lightweight texture applies like a dream, keeping the eye area moist and lustrous all day.  Use the two shades to highlight and contour and give your eyelids a glamorous 3D effect.
Check Eyecandys for more information about the product.
Price: $ 14.89 

Swatches of Jealousness eyeshadow duo in showy black:
the lighter shade looks more pigmented swatched

Swatches without using primer

My Comments:
The name mention it all~! these are really shimmering, sparkling, and hella glittering! It doesn't show much in the picture but the product is actually a lot more glittering irl. The shade of my choice, showy black, is perfect to create a sparkling smokey look. The color glides on smoothly, has a powdery texture, and they're buildable, if you're not into smokey look, you can go all natural and kick it up a notch with the showy black by using it to define your waterline. However, the darker color on the pan isn't really pigmented, but the lighter shade on the left (the gray/silverish shade) is giving a lot more coverage and as a better color pay off since it's much more pigmented. Overall, this is a nice eyeshadow, I like it, and I hope there's a baked type of this eyeshadow available on the market~ :3

The packaging: I love the heart shaped hole on the cardboard packaging, so cute! But there's nothing special about the plastic container. Just a mainstream round container with two shade of color on a pan. So yeah ^-^


Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen


Price: $15.90
Taiwanese beauty bloggers are all raving about the new Jealousness Waterproof Eyeliner Pen!  With its soft, flexible brush, this product makes drawing precise, clean lines a breeze!  Deep, rich pigment dries in only seconds and lasts all day without smudging thanks to the water-resistant polymer coat formula.  Ideal for drawing cat eyes or winged eyeliner. 

Swatches and test!

Smudgeproofness test. It only smudges a little even after I harshly rub it off

 Waterproofness test

My Comments:
Well, this would be the second pen type liquid liner that I've ever had. It's always nice to have one or more liquid liners in our stash, cuz I think pen eyeliner is a perfect product for a quick touch up purpose, thanks to its handy and travel friendly packaging~ :3 

This has a good pigmentation, not the best, but good enough, and has a watery consistency. Sometimes I have to go over a few lines to get a right deep black shade. The synthetic brush is soft yet firm enough, you can control the thickness of the line easily. First timer friendly imo.

The Smudgeproofness is AWESOME! (swatched on hand), it won't budge, won't flakes, no smearing, and hardly any fading even if I rub it hastily! On the other hand, I don't think that the waterproofness is that great, it will fade if I rub it off with water D:  it just won't stay long on my oily lids, and the color would transfer to the bottom area of my eyes, hello panda! ;^;
However, I saw other review about this product, and all of them said, "it has a good staying power". But sadly I don't think that way. I won't blame the product, I know it's just me and my SUPER oily eyelids TT^TT Even MAC fluidline won't stay too long on my eyes lately, LOL. And I still find gel/cream liners more versatile and easier to work with, easier to blend and feather out. And perfect for doing the tightline.

So I think this would be great for those without oil fest on their lids! lol~ :3

So yeah, I NEED to know, are there any product, that is somehow able to stop the OIL FEST on my lids? I've only had ONE eye primer as for now, and I know I should buy a better one >.< 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on my next post (Review of GEO Big Grang Grang)~

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