Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Fix/Repair Broken Eyeshadow Palette

Hi all! Today I'll be posting a quick DIY, how to fix broken eyeshadow. I bought three MUA palettes and unfortunately, two of the pan was broken. Last night, I tried to fix it and voilaa, it worked~ ^-^

What you need:
- Spatula, paperclip, mini stick, or anything clean to break up the eyeshadow into a loose powder form.
- Rubbing alcohol.
- Cleaned coin, or anything with round and flat surface on it (Match the size with the pan)
- Kleenex, or clean fabric.

Here's my MUA undressed palette. Shade 1 was previously fixed, the seller said. But when it arrived at mail, I noticed a crack on the surface and it starts to crumble. So I think I need to re-fix it.


How to fix/repair broken eyeshadow:
1. Crush and break up the eyeshadow evenly
2. Add few drops of alcohol, be sure not too use too much alcohol (a few drops is enough), if it's too watery then you can't press it up later on and it will crack once it dries.
3. Mix it up until the eyeshadow turns into a very thick paste.
4. Put a kleenex over the paste and gently press it with a coin, or anyhing with flat surface. (if you use a coin make sure you wash it first).
5. Remove the kleenex and let it dry for an hour or more.

It looks better, though, it makes me super sad because shade 1 is one of my favorite shade TT^TT and now I only have less than half :(( but it's okay lah.... (self console, lol)

Now, I'll post another tutorial how to repair/fix broken eyeshadow. I'll be using MUA undressed me too palette as a model, this one is badly damaged. *cry*
The step by step is the same, I just want to show you more photos.

 Broken mua undress me too palette. The naked shade is totally scattered into pieces and they were all over the palette!

How to fix broken eyeshadow:
1-2.  Collect all the left over pieces of the eyeshadow and put it on a piece of paper, then put it back to its original pan.
3. Crush the eyeshadow with bented clean paperclip.
4. Add a few drops of alcohol, mix it up until it turns into a thick paste, put a kleenex over it and press.
5. Remove the kleenex.
6. Wait and let it dry.

 After~! fixed and cleaned eyeshadow palette

left: fixed naked pad. right: original naked eyeshadow pan

The color will turn into its normal/original color once it dries, the photo above was taken before it totally dries up, you can notice the fixed pan is slightly darker.

Unlike the first undressed palette, the naked shade of the second palette was broken into a bigger size, so it was easier for me to collect all the pieces and mess (though some of them was really scattered all over the place and it was a crazy total mess when I first opened the palette). I was a little bit horrified at first.

That's all for now, I hope you will find this tutorial useful~ :3
Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!
Love always~

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